MMCPrefix [1.2.1] - A Simple Custom Prefix Handler [API 5.1 + 7]


Can you please update me when luckperms solves your github issue?


This issue has now been fixed in the latest LuckPerms version 3.0.4


Thanks! Is it possible to pull some black magic and make it so when the player’s prefix resets, it only takes off the tag specified by mmcprefix?

So [Trainer] set by luckperms chooses [CoolTag] in /prefixlist
Then when the player resets his prefix, it goes back to [Trainer] instead of blank


I just went and tested this and im pretty sure this already works like this.

Since MMCPrefix sets the option for the specified player, It should only remove the players own specified prefix and revert back to the group specified one.

like below, I have both a group prefix [Test] and my own /prefixlist set as [Default]
Reseting this will remove the [Default] prefix and leave the [Test] prefix to take over


Ohhh, I was manually adding the tag with /lp user steve meta addprefix


Can it be so that if a rank has certain amount of prefixes added, they can swtich between them instead of creating their own?


that can be done using the /prefixlist function. which can be configured like this:

Just give the user the permission node that you set in this list and they can use /prefixlist to change to them as they wish


Let me hit that download botton :wink:


I can’t use any downloads


didnt know github used the amazon servers, they have been down all day… and Ore… D:

Downloads should be back up (Removed temp link)


Can I Give the same Permission for each prefix i create if they belong to that rank?


+Would you ever consider adding an option to where players with custom prefix’s can only add text&colors and have a default bracket color so that we know its a costume one.

"&b[&r{prefix}&8] &r{playerbane} " <-- this would be for costume prefixes

then for ones on the list can be the color they are set too?


The bracket colour can be changed to what ever you want it to be in the config, if you just change the format of them.

But I’m not quite sure on what you are overall suggesting here.

Could you possibly provide an example of some description so i could hopefully get a better idea?


Nothing! I didn’t see that format at the beginning! #Derp

is there a way to reload configs in game?


it uses sponge’s plugin reload command: /sponge plugins reload


I made these ranks

I can’t have a space between the Colon and Null (even if i remove the colon). Not sure why, but is it fixable?


Would you mind posting your config file?



I cant replicate this on my test server :frowning: They appear to be showing as intended

What Sponge version are you running and what plugins are you running alongside this?


Im on SpongeForge 1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2203

They will show for me too like that, just when i click on them, they wont show. all others i made work.