MMCPrefix [1.2.1] - A Simple Custom Prefix Handler [API 5.1 + 7]



A simple and easy to use custom prefix plugin
This is not a full prefix manager and is intended to be a perk / feature.

This allows anyone with the correct permissions to set their own chat prefix
You will still require a chat manager and permissions system to handle this as this changes the specified player’s prefix option within the permissions files

I personally use Nucleus and PermissionManager

Tested on PermissionManager & LuckPerms

This plugin features bStats


  • Set a custom prefix for yourself or another player
  • Delete a custom prefix for yourself or another player
  • Prefix blacklist to prevent certain key words being used
  • Option to limit the amount of characters used in the prefix (Default 10)
  • Option to change the format surrounding the prefix (Can make this blank if your Chat Manager is formatted)
  • Set a whitelist for prefixes to be set to through /prefixlist

Permissions / Commands

  • /Setprefix (prefix) - mmcprefix.prefix.set.self - mmcprefix.prefix.set.others
  • /Delprefix - mmcprefix.prefix.delete.self - mmcprefix.prefix.delete.others
  • /Prefixlist - mmcprefix.prefix.list






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Player Chosen Prefixs
LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin

I don’t fully get how to plugin works. When a player has more than 1 rank, but only 1 prefix is showing, I want them to be able to switch between the prefixes.

Player1 has Trainer and Builder, and [Trainer] prefix is showing. He wants to change it to [Builder]. Is it possible that he just does /prefixlist and it would show him all his available prefixes (instead of him setting the prefix to whatever he likes, he’s limited to just those 2), then when he clicks on one, it sets his prefix to that?

Can I suggest this feature?


This is something iv been thinking of doing for a while but never got round to.

I have started the work on it now and was thinking of just doing this using the config file to set the available prefixes.

something like this:

I need to work out an issue with LuckPerms before i can push an update for this though first.


Well, that’s a good workaround way to do it. Would this support permissionsEx?


The main reason I’m doing it this way is to provide more flexibility. For instance if someone just wanted to provide multiple different prefixes instead of physically having to have a specific group with a prefix set to it.

And yes it should work with PermissionsEx. I will test it to make sure before i release it though. :slight_smile:


Update v1.1

  • Added /prefixlist


This is now on Ore aswell.


Hmmm something seems to be broken.
I have this, for example in my config
"1" { permission=mmcprefix.builder prefix="&7[&2Builder&7]" }
and I can see it when I give myself all perms, but when I remove myself from the all-perms (owner) rank and give myself mmcprefix.prefix.list and mmcprefix.builder only, it does not show me anything on the prefixlist. I made sure i reloaded the plugins and permissions file.

Also, can I request the commands to have cooldowns? :smiley: perhaps something you set on the config file. Wouldn’t want a player keep changing his prefix every few seconds to confuse and annoy people lol.


The permission is already prefixed within the code so it should be


which would result in the permission being: mmcprefix.list.builder

I will see what i can do about a cooldown for you too :slight_smile:


ohhh that makes sense. So if I put mmcprefix.builder as the permission I’ll have to add mmcprefix.list.mmcprefix.builder to the user who wants it, right? :joy:

I’ll just simplify it to builder haha


Update v1.1.1

  • Cooldown timer after setting a prefix using /prefixlist



I would like to suggest a feature where a command can add a prefix to a player’s /prefixlist
So something like /addprefix [Test] player. Now player can choose the [Test] prefix


I will see what i can do, seems useful for ease of use.


Update v1.1.2

  • Bypass permission for prefixlist cooldown
  • Reset prefix button added to top of /prefixlist

Update v1.1.3

  • /addprefix [permission] [player]



Noticed the plugin hasn’t been working since I’ve moved to Luckperms. It would tell me the prefix was set, but it didn’t change it at all.


This was an issue on LuckPerms github which got fixed 2 days ago,

If you have not got the latest version, updating should fix it.


Oh alright. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update luckperms.


Is it possible to remove the prefix set by mmcprefix so players can return to their default prefix set by luckperms?


If that is set by /prefixlist, there was a reset button at the top of the list that should remove it and allow the default to take over


Yeah thought so. But doesn’t seem to do anything for me


If you are on the latest version of luckperms, it should work. If you are, i will take a look and see if there is anything i can do

Edit: I have found that it indeed does not work. I have raised an issue on LuckPerms github as i believe it is the plugin’s problem since the method i am using does not work specifically on this permissions plugin.