MMCPrefix [1.2.1] - A Simple Custom Prefix Handler [API 5.1 + 7]


Alright, i misunderstood at first. I beleive i have fixed the issue now in v1.1.4


thanks haha :wink: nice one


Pretty neat plugin, would it be possible to allow these prefixes to be add-ons to current prefixes for groups and not replacements?


Would you mind elaborating, i dont think i am quite getting what you mean


For example, I have a pixelmon server with default ranks like Trainer, admin, etc. By itself their display will be [Trainer] Username, would it be possible to set it if they picked the custom prefix [TeamMystic] it will show up as [TeamMystic][Trainer] Username instead of [TeamMystic] Username

to this


I’m sure i can do something to make this happen. I will see what i can do.


Could you add Infix (/infixlist, setinfix ect…) so players can have ranks between their name and MSG? “[Prefix] NAME [Infix]: MSG [Suffix]”

It would be a cool feature


when i go to the config and try to get rid of the &f[ around it because i dont want them ther it just dosnt work then


It does… prefix="&fTestprefix"


pls exemple cmnd?


This pluggin has stopped working on my server D:


Is there anything specific?

What permissions plugins do you use and what version is it,
SpongeForge version?


using luck perms. I noticed it happened after an update with pixelmon.



Pixelmon update? I thought that mod had been shut down?

I would suggest updating to the latest of both LP and SF if possible, in-case something there already fixes something


It was a while back, I was on holiday for 3 weeks xD I’ll do that ta


Updated my LP, GP and SF to latest. Still doesn’t work :S


wait gp isn’t even working


hey, is it possible to add a feature so players can choose a prefix from a sub rank they have already using luckperms?


You can currently do something similar using the config.

Just setup the config similar to below and give each rank the respective permission node, I currently do this for all my ranks on my servers.


If it isnt working, I would need the following information.

Problem: (does it load?, if it does, what doesn’t work?)
Steps to reproduce: (If it loads)