MMCPrefix [1.2.1] - A Simple Custom Prefix Handler [API 5.1 + 7]



Alright, seems to just be an issue with your config, mind sending me that?


I checked it over and it was a double bracket haha You should ask people to check carefully before asking to send over to save you the hassle haha

cheers :wink:


hey, is there anything special i need to do to get it working with luckperms and nucleus? loaded it into a test server to check it out and mess with it but noticed its not changing the prefix.


It works perfectly for me, However there has always been a slight delay between when you set it and when nucleus picks it up as a new prefix.

Also make sure that " /lp user ### meta info " shows that the prefix is set at the top with 110 priority.


Will this get updated for API 7? :smiley:


here you go :wink:


Thank you @leelawd93


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: