MMCReboot [2.3.0] - A server restart plugin



I run my servers without any of those Admin Panels and I'm on Win7, I used to run something called 'Minestart' (My co-owner set it up so don't ask me about it) which has it's own server which pings the server to see if it's up and if it's not, it restarts it. Is this how yours works? If not, is it something you could do?

Much love,
- Alice


Unfortunately, at the moment this plugin requires something like an Admin panel to recognise the restart.

I have been looking into ways to integrate a fully automatic feature recently but I'm not greatly experienced so I'm still unsure on how to implement it properly.


I have a problem... I setup the restart every 4 hours but not works... The server shutdown but not startup..


The plugin itself unfortunatly does not have the capability to fully restart a server by itself. It still requires an outside force (For example a control panel like McMyAdmin) to recognise that the server has been shut down.


Can i have that script for Linux?


How long before this is compatible with api 6?


Would you be able to make it so that we have the option to restart at a set time? Please and thank you <3


This is something I am working on atm, its taking me a little bit unfortunately since i am attempting to integrate it to the current broadcasting code instead of having to redo it.


It should be compatible with api 6, There is nothing in the current code that has changed between versions


I found this script on Google but you need to have access from ssh to run this:


  if ps aux | grep java | grep -v grep | awk '{print$2}' | grep -v -i SCREEN | grep $SERVICE > /dev/null | xargs sudo kill -9
  then echo "Tried to start but Minecraft was already running!"
   else java -Duser.timezone=America/Sao_Paulo -server -Xmx4500M -Xms4500M -jar forge-1.10.2- nogui
    sleep 5

    #Check to see if the service started successfully
    if ps aux | grep java | grep -v grep | awk '{print$2}' | grep -v -i SCREEN | grep $SERVICE > /dev/null | xargs sudo kill -9
    then echo "Minecraft is now running."
    else ./

Change to your forge jar and you timezone, if needed.


Update v1.7


  • TPS Restart getting stuck in loop
  • TPS Restart being enabled prevented a normal restart from happening





Any way to restart from discord through Discord Bridge?


I don't think it is possible at the moment, unless it has the ability to send commands now.


Update v2.0.0

BREAKING CONFIG CHANGE(S)!! - Recommended config reset


  • timer.broadcast config now uses seconds instead of minutes
  • Config for autorestart timer now split into Fixed and Realtime
  • Delay for message that is displayed upon login if a vote is in progress has been lowered from 10 seconds to 3
  • /reboot start now uses choices for h/m/s


  • Config option to change sound notification
  • Config option for when the first sound notification should play (Use one of the values from your timer.broadcast config list)
  • Realtime restart timer - Restart at specific times of the day (Server hosted location's timezone)
  • Localization using customizable Messages.conf file


  • Check online time before isRestarting when initiating a /reboot vote





Update v2.0.1


  • Localisation is now located in the localisation folder - Allows for easy default translation addition
  • Localisation now uses pre-set default languages
  • Custom bstats piechart for restart type usage
  • Add missing messages to localisation




[Request] A list off plugins i wanna request!

hi been using your plugin looks amazing having a couple of issues with it and wondered if you could be of assistance

  1. I am using and cant figure out how to start my server up after the restart
  2. the vote reboot doesn't seem to work the vote happens but at the end, it says restarting and then does nothing

any help you could give would be great

  1. The restart is usually automatically handled by the panel but since in your case it is not. the only way to get it to do so is to use the automated tasks feature which is offered for an extra 4$ by your host i believe. Most panels that have this feature allow you to listen for if the server stops to then start it back up. which is great for when the server crash's too.

  2. What version of the plugin are you currently using and if you could provide full details of the config file you are using, that would help me out alot for diagnosing this problem.


MMCReboot-2.0.1-API-5.1-6.X is the version installed in my server

and is my configs
and im not sure how to do that on my host but ill open a ticket for assistance from them


update I have my server restarting properly by adding a blank restart.txt to my root directory of my server

but the vote restart is still not working


I'm not currently experiencing this issue, or at least cannot replicate it for myself.

Can you explain the events that happen after typing /reboot vote up until there is nothing more happening