💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)

Discord Bridge (aka SpongeDiscord) is a Sponge plugin to allow two way communication between Minecraft and Discord.

What’s new in 2.4.0

  • Support sending message to Discord when a player die (check deathTemplate).
  • Discord Bridge now ignores only messages from Discord Bridge and from the same server. Previously, the plugin ignores all messages from Discord Bridge regardless different servers.
  • Fix reloading does not reload templates.
  • Fix mentioning nickname.


  • Player’s chat messages in Minecraft are sent to specified Discord channels, and chat messages in specific Discord channels are also sent to online players in Minecraft.
  • Multiple channels with custom configuration for each channel. E.g.:
    • 1 public channel to send & receive messages between Discord and Minecraft
    • 1 monitoring channel to record only server start/stop and player join/leave events
    • 1 staff-only channel that send message one-way from Discord to Minecraft with a special announcement template
  • Admins and mods can log in to their own Discord account, so that chat messages show under their names in Discord.
  • Emoji is converted between Minecraft and Discord format. Details are showed in EMOJI.md.
  • Clickable URL.
  • Set game activity of the bot
  • Ignore Discord messages from all bots with ignoreBots and/or blacklist certain prefixes with prefixBlacklist
  • Support One-Time Password
  • Mentions in Discord show properly in Minecraft with configurable templates.
  • Mentions from Minecraft are supported with permission control.
  • Attachments in Discord show proper links in Minecraft.
  • Support separate Minecraft templates based on Discord roles.
  • New in 2.4.0
    • Support sending message to Discord when a player die (check deathTemplate).

Getting Started

Please refer to README.md and GETTING STARTED.md in the GitHub repository for details.
Some sample configurations can be found at examples folder.


Discord Bridge is open source on GitHub at https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Sponge-Discord.
All releases can be download at https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Sponge-Discord/releases.
If you find any issues or have any suggestion, feel free to report them in GitHub issue.


Discord Bridge does not forward messages that are not public (any messages with custom channel), so that it does not leak non-public chat (e.g. staff chat) to public Discord channel. Due to this design, currently Discord Bridge does not work with several Sponge plugins that set custom message channel even for public chat (e.g. Boop, UltimateChat).

The only workaround would be for the authors of those plugins to NOT set custom channel to public message, or to provide a way to differentiate between public and non-public from outside.


The latest release is developed on SpongeAPI 4.1.0.
I have tested it on servers with SpongeForge 1.8.9-4.2.0-BETA-1762 and SpongeVanilla 1.10.2-5.0.0-BETA-141.

More details on this plugin (building, configuration, commands) can be found in the README.md in the GitHub repository.

I hope this plugin is useful to you :).

Discord Bridge is licensed under MIT License.


Yup definitely setting this up right now for my server ^.^ thanks for the release

  • Which SpongeAPI version is this targeting currently?
  • License? :wink:
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It’s on 3.0.0, and will be licensed under MIT. It’ll be updated shortly :slight_smile:


Not really into Discord myself been using TS for years but stuff like this might end up twisting my arm and going with it. Nice job :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks, let me know if you have any problem trying it out :D.

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This is really nice, seeing this has finally made me want to make the push to switching to Discord instead of Teamspeak and it is truly amazing. Great job on the plugin although the only issue i have is there is no permission for broadcast so everyone can use it which i would like to limit

Sorry that I have missed that permission. I am adding permission all commands and will publish an update very soon. :wink:

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Very nice addition to the community

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Works perfect thank you

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Works great! Keep up the amazing work :slightly_smiling:

Hey, I love the application, just one little issue, I’m having trouble linking my default account to the correct text channel on my Discord server. I want to have it go to a custom channel named, say Chat1, but instead it is going to the default lobby. How can I fix this? Here’s a mockup of what my config looks like:


What am I doing wrong? If I am supposed to put the 18 digit number from the channel in the “Channel” field I do not know where to find this in my discord server settings. Sorry if I am being obtuse or just plain looking at it wrong.

the 18 digit number is your server id, it is located in the server settings under the widget tab

I have that correct, and I have the invite code from the Chat1 channel, but no matter what it goes to lobby.

do you have the widget instant invite channel set to the correct channel? I believe you also need the instant invite code to have an unlimited duration so that could be your problem as well

Yes, I have made sure several times over that it is the correct channel. I will try deleting all the active invites to ensure I do the correct one. I’ll post with results.

Why do you put server ID into channel config? You should put channel ID there.
If you go to discordapp.com and open a channel, you will see the url is in this format https://discordapp.com/channels/{serverId}/{channelId}.

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Okay! Thank you so much! I’ll try that right now!

Edit: Fixed! Thank you so much, I use Discord in the desktop app, so I was unaware of the URL codes.

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That’s strange that’s what i did and it worked just fine, i guess that’s because i use the default channel as the server chat, oh well at least you got it working

Ive found it easiest to just right click your channel on discord and select “copy link”.

You’ll get something like this: discordapp.com/channels/23523523523652352/927398123921897498
^ The second set of numbers is what you want.