Multithreading Sponge

Tell me please.

  1. Will maintain a sponge function multithreading?
  2. Will there be a significant increase in performance compared to the spigot and bukkit?
  3. Will the server to withstand 80+ plugins and 200+ players with 20 tps?
  4. When will the first working version?

1: Multithreading Multithreading Sponge
4: Status Update - API Release Edition (Not the usable server) - #34 by 12AwsomeMan34

  1. Not more than Minecraft does anyway
  2. Quite likely
  3. Depends on your hardware. But probably yes.
    (It’s not even done yet, how’d anybody know…)
  4. Find out for yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sponge depends forge, and this is the response of lexmanos about threading :smile:. I don’t see sponge implementing multi-threading with ASM/mixing patches. So possible the first releases of sponge will be single threaded. I don’t know exactly, but had craftbukkit a lot of multi-threading stuff going on?

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CraftBukkit had multi-threaded chunk loading from disk, but nothing more. The problem is always the same one: If you implement some kind of multi-threaded server tick that is not in vanilla Minecraft you need to make sure that everything that is affected by the new thread model works as expected - and honestly if you modify the server tick logic nearly everything is affected. Likewise updates to new Minecraft versions take even longer than they do now because you need to figure out how to reimplement your custom threading-model.

However, Minecraft 1.9 is likely to bring some kind of multi-threading (one thread per world) and the Sponge API needs to be designed with that it mind, but that is all there is for now.


More like its implementations not the API :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what I was thinking. Well I know nallar (hes know from ftb) made some impressive multi threaded mod. But sadly enough he quit his project because it was messing with his life. If sponge would try this, I am afraid it will mess with the sponge team their lives as well. It also would cause continuous incompatibility with other mods.

Yeah, TT worked great and I used it on my server during 1.5.2. It worked quiet well, had a few bugs, but he’d immediately jump pretty quickly to get them fixed.

Back then, I had posted some performance screenshots. My 3rd post on that page:

due to way sponge works, sponge will not provide multithreading. you may look at other projects that do habve multithred like tridentsdk.

Do you have any proof to base that conclusion on?

which conclusion

spogne based on forge on mcserver which does not provide multithreading
due to way forge works large amount of modification required for threadingf
handling can be multithreaded, only if passed thru threadsafe publisher

tridentsdk not perfect at multithredeing, but because cleanroom, as well as glowstone and other impl can allow threadign without obstcle such mcserver design

even if allow multithreding i do not see when author of sponge has used multithred, 0 experince of use in area. i do not reccomend spong eto multithread even if was clean room.

P.S.A.: We believe Top_Lel to be the TridentSDK developer/friend of developer (who knows, who cares) who keeps evading our bans, and that guy likes to make up untrue things about Sponge.


^ And the gods have awoken! jk…

Thanks @sk89q for the reply! Does Discourse support IP banning?

That anti-sponge thing keeps changing it’s URL every few days, I guess they don’t want anybody to remember it :confused:
TFTL, but most is untrue/unfounded facts.

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