Name as many Platforms as you can :)

In this Discussion your goal is to name as many Server platform that are being made to 1.8
plus you need to add thier site
The goal is to have a list of all of the Server platform in one form :smile:
please do not reapeat peapole.

I will start :
Sponge (site :
and course I am going to say the most unknown one (unless you are from israel and they you maby know it)
Which is my Platform (Works already for 1.8 not realesed beacuse we want to add more than a basic API)
PotionMC(site: (The site not ready yet)
Granite(site: by thomas15v
MC-Server (C++)(site: by Siguza
Spigot(site: by Siguza
Glowstone(site: by BitByte
Raft -
Rush -
Enderstone -
Prismarine -
IngotPowered -
Hakkit -

And I think the list is done than :smile: xD.

How can you know did you know there is a Platform named PotionMc that works For 1.8 ?
No you probably didnt :frowning:

damm no one knows about my Platform

MC-Server (C++)

Should we add vanilla to the list as well? ^^


I didn’t, But I have the feeling this thread is made to make us know it xD.

Your Feeling might be right

but it doesnt really matter I am so far behind I only Got by now events commands help With no bags teleport Player World
and only now I updated to 1.8 I am not even sure if to realse a beta

Also, what about Spigot? It looks like md_5 is still working on it.

you see there is more platforms

damm still sad for not Publishing my Project earlier maby now somebody might had known it

What about glowstone? (site:

added to the list

“platform” by “poster” makes it look like “poster” is the author of the platform IMO. Maybe the syntax needs to be altered a little :wink:

I can’t help but feeling that the main reason you started this thread was for advertisement of your platform.

It may be one of the reasons not the main but one

I’m thinking along the same lines. Although I suppose the moderators would’ve locked this already if they were going to. They did say that they’d allow exceptions to the advertisement rules at their discretion.


They also have 1.8 development builds

Raft -
Rush - GitHub - kangarko/Rush: An open-source Netty 5 based Minecraft server in Java
Enderstone -
Prismarine - Prismarine · GitHub
IngotPowered - IngotPowered · GitHub
Hakkit - hakkit · GitHub

Jeez how many more API’s are we gonna get? >.>

There are plenty that haven’t been listed here yet.

oh god I forgot about that…

I noticed that IngotPowered has already started spreading misinformation about Sponge, saying it’s built off decompiled minecraft server code and that it puts us on shaky legal grounds which is just an outright lie. It’s as shaky legal grounds as a Forge mod.