Necessities - Bringing Essentials Capabilities to the Sponge Server Environment

Essentials was a very important plugin from the days of Bukkit. It had commands for nearly everything and was “essential” for running a bukkit server. It was so essential to run on a server that 80% of the servers that I had ever been on had implementations of Essentials running on their server in some way or form. However, since Bukkit plugins can not run on Sponge Servers, many of the best servers looking to upgrade to Sponge or 1.8 are left in the dust and instead run on some other Bukkit 1.8 port that allows for Essentials Capabilities.

Well, the real question is: Why Isn’t Essentials Supported on Sponge?

And that is why I am here today. To bring Essentials to the modern world.

Introducing Necessities: Bringing Essentials Capabilities to the Sponge Server Environment

Necessities is in the very early beta stage of its existence, so stay tuned for updates and early download links in the near future. We have a lot of great ideas regarding implementing Essentials Commands and Features, and are excited to have the chance to bring it over to the latest and greatest Server technology.

Planned Features:

Better Teleporting (Warps, P2P Teleporting, Spawn Teleporting (W4W), Homes) Better Mod Features (TempBan, Jail, Better Kicking, /report, inventory monitoring, sudo commands, asconsole) Economy (Currency System, ChestShops, /Pay, Trading System) AFK (Chat Message, Notifications on /tpa, optional god on AFK (permission), afk kick timer) Better Chat (Chat Colors, Chat Formatting, ~Nick, Broadcast) Private Messaging (Mail, Private /msg and /r) Useful shortcuts (/workbench, /enchanting Other Random Features (/tree, /lightning, better /kill) PEX Implementations (Based on Sponge Permissions EX Plugin Available Now) Possible WorldGuard Features (Territory Protection, Would Implement Economy for territory purchase / selling)

Thank You

I realize that there inst yet much to show for this plugin yet, but I know that with the help of the community, we have the ability to make Necessities even better than the original. I want Necessities to have all the necessary features for homebrew servers to professional 5000 player servers.

If anyone has any suggestions for new features you want implemented, or clever specifics on how to implement features of the game, please reply. I am always looking for new ways to make the community happy

Thanks, Lyb

Essentials is being ported to Sponge…


@DotDash is the actual creator porting it or is it being ported by another user?

The Essentials team just hasn’t had time to port everything, especially given how half of the stuff isn’t even implemented.

While I don’t mean to shoot you down, what does your plugin offer right now?

side note, I didn’t mean to reply to DotDash. sorry.


By the way, do you have a public repository?

Right now it is in the early stages and not much is currently implemented. I realize now that Essentials is being ported over, and I guess that now I have the opportunity to make a new version with new features and ways of implementing things that resolve the few problems I found with Essentials. If you have any features that you wish were in essentials, feel free to share.

I do not have a public repository yet. Will do soon.

FYI, This was when Essentials got annoying. Tread lightly.


@WetSponge I realize this and will be specifically be splitting “Non-Essential” Essentials Features into their own Essentials-Adons jar file. Basically with a SpongeEssentials.Base.jar and SpongeEssentials.Adons.jar . I may even split the separate subcategories, such as teleportation, messaging, etc. into their own files so that servers can pick and choose the features that they want without having to have all of the bloat they wont use running on their server.


Please change your plugin name. Essentials is already being ported to sponge, and you are not Essentials.

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Can someone please direct me to the place where the Essentials Team has said that they are porting it over? Through a Forum Search and a Google Search I can find no mention of this.

OK. Plugin will be renamed to Necessities.

As Essentials team support, i can tell you we are porting it over. Also check plugins to be ported thread: Plugins to be ported!

It would be great to have many small plugins bundled in a zip. For warps, personal teleporting, afk, jails, etc. Maybe a core plugin is not needed at all.


Well, he can have the “Core” plugin be a library for all the shared classes.

Don’t take this the wrong way, competition is good. Just focus on planning your plugin neatly.

Once unmodularized, always unmodularized.

Good Luck. May the best solution win :wink:

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So what types of features do you think would be best in the core plugin. I am currently planning on having basic server info commands, chat formatting, and basic economy implemented in the core command. I would split economy out but I want to make it easy for other plugins to tie into it, and therefore i am putting it in the core. All features will be toggle able though so servers only need to run the parts that they want.

What do you think should be in Necessities Core?

Modularity, that’s all I can say. Why make one big plugin that I may only use 1/3 of when you could just make 3 plugins and I can just use the one I want?

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That is what I am doing. The majority of the features will be modules that you can install. However, a core plugin is needed to provide information to the modules without needing repetitive code for every plugin.

If you want to create an economy API why would it need to hook into necessities?