Need help to hook with forge & pixelmon

Hi, i started to make a Sponge plugin and i wan’t to hook it with pokemon, i have my plugin in gradle with Sponge repos but i don’t know what forge/pixelmon repo i have to use, anyone know it?

I try with this “maven” but all packages are net.minecraft.gradlew and don’t have classes like EntityPlayerMP etc

Thanks and sorry for my english!

There is no repository for Pixelmon, as Pixelmon is closed source. You can always add the Pixelmon jar as an external library (if using, say, Eclipse), but you will not find a Pixelmon API like for Forge or Sponge.

So it is possible however to hook into X Y Z of a forge mod within Sponge plugin?

I love how closed source java projects exist, yet it’s incredibly easy to decompile them.


Why is it closed source anyway? I thought it was a community mod

Ya i try it before but when i call any event example CaptureEvent and it give me “net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayerMP” eclipse says i need to export that classes (Forge) i try with minecraft-server.1.10.2.jar forge.jar and others but don’t work

They could be obfuscated, though - Minecraft is “decompilable”.

Yes. This is absolutely possible. You just cast the things back and forth (custom item types to ItemType, custom entities to Entity, etc)

Wouldn’t be that hard to infer class names.

But obfuscation is a lot more than just class names… fields and methods and everything can be changed… ever tried just decompiling minecraft without MCP? It’s pretty scary

But have you tried decompiling a .jar mod forge/bukkit/sponge? Its quite clear especially for simpler mods

You need to enable ForgeGradle, and then run gradle setupDecompWorkspace.

We might have different perspectives on what “breaking a ToS” implies, but it is generally the case of infringing on legal boundaries - here, it is a matter of understanding what consists as a misuse of material, which decompiling is, as far as Pixelmon is concerned. I am simply informing OP of our policy, not instigating a debate on personal opinions about closed source projects. I believe it is one of Sponge’s core values to respect other projects, so your comment only fuels negative behaviour.

@Gershon The reasoning for this is outlined in our FAQ and our ToS.

I checked it out, but it doesn’t explain why it’s closed source just says it is.

It’s closed source because they don’t want people to help them for whatever reason. there really isn’t any reason why, it’s not like they can charge for it ever.

ToS states it plenty - closed source because there has been plenty of abuse when it was open source. As for ‘helping’, it is community-driven; developers normally apply to contribute. The best for last, you do not know Pixelmon if you believe they would ever, charge for it. That was a given though, considering your previous commentary.

Again, I would ask you to respect forum rules and not give out your personal (and uninformed) opinion on a matter that clearly undermines the work of others.

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How could you abuse the project because it was open source? That doesn’t make much sense, really.

If you wish to expand your knowledge on the mod, you can discuss this on our Discord. I would be willing to explain there, as it is pretty obvious this argument does not concern OP’s topic at all - never did.

I’m just going to finish this off by saying that I entirely respect the Pixelmon project. You probably took my wording wrong, but all I’m saying is that making something that’s public and free a closed source project kind of makes your project look a little, well, uninviting? That’s just me. And this is just in general, for any project.


Here’s the main reason, a dozen servers were having bugs fixed but not having those PR’d back so the small dev team had to do them AND put up with complaints from the majority asking why server X has the fix for bug Y but not them.

Basically, large servers suck and we wish we didn’t have to do it this way