Nether looks like normal terrain (Nostalgiagen+Nucleus)


Hi. I have a meloncube server which I manage through their system called Multicraft.

It is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Forge server with the Forge version of Sponge installed, which I use so that I can use Nostalgiagen 0.6 to run beta world generation. In order to create the world that uses Nostalgiagen, I needed to install a world management plugin, and Nucleus was the suggested choice of the creator of Nostalgiagen.

So once the plugins and mod were installed, I used the command “/world create -m nostalgiagen:beta_1.7.3 Crapnugget” to create a world called Crapnugget.

The world generator is indeed beta, but when we enter the nether, the terrain looks like normal overworld terrain, but with dark fog everywhere and nether-style mechanics, including swarms of skeletons and zombies, but there aren’t any nether blocks or terrain. There are trees.

Has anyone run into this phenomenon before, or maybe has some idea whether it’s the mod or if there’s something I can do? Thanks for any replies.

Nostalgiagen page: “The world generator is directly ported from the original version to the newer Minecraft version (or SpongeAPI directly in the future).”


Okay, I’ve got a better version of the question. Are there any proven methods to take a large portion of the nether from a world and transplant it into this modded world, so that it replaces the bugged nether?

I would have to:
switch world generator to vanilla and create new world
generate a nether large enough to cover exploration
copy it to replace my world’s nether
switch world and generator back to current


Maybe it would be better to just switch generators, erase our nether, generate a bunch of nether, and then switch the generator back.


Maybe easiest of all, create a vanilla nether offline, then copy it to the server world. That would not require me to change the world generator setting on the server.

I would appreciate input on the 2nd and 3rd steps of method 1, or just how to generate a nether for any of the methods. And is it possible to just copy the nether from any world to another? Thanks!