Never used Discourse

So I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never used Discourse. Playing around with it, I actually really like it. Could use some themes, though we can probably set that up.

What do you think about Discourse vs other forum software?


Never even heard of it until now. I have been using it on an iPad this entire time and so far I am very pleased. Everything works well on mobile even the desktop version, forums seem to auto update which is also a big plus, no more mashing the refresh button :).

Oh totally agree with that. It just works. My only point is with the themes.

I’ve used it once or twice before, but never seen its admin panel before.

Seems nice.

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If I may ask, have you found it to be easy to figure out?

Yeah. I’m already used to it personally. Some of the admin stuff tripped me up, but I can’t say xen was always the easiest either. I’ve also used some other boards that just aren’t the greatest. I may not know where everything is yet, but it’s super simple to figure out, in my opinion.

That’s good. Then do you prefer it to xen, or is it to early to tell?

I think it’s too early to say. And it’s hard to say as well, because they are both quite different. I like xen, but this is nothing like it. So maybe it’s not that I prefer one over the other, but that I like both takes on forum presentation.

I rather like this forum software as a user, honestly. It auto-updates, as previously stated; it’s nice and clean, no unnecessary buttons or anything of the sort; easy to use; etc. Another reason why I like this software is that I’ve never seen it before, so it’s not overused like other software is, and looks rather unique. Granted, I haven’t been on a “lot” of forums, but I’m liking this so far.

One suggestion I have is that, if you or anyone else if able to figure out themes, you add the option for a darker theme. I personally love darker themes. White themes aren’t what catch my attention. Not only that, it’d make it easier to view for some people if they had the option of having a dark theme.

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My initial impression is that I’m very impressed. I wouldn’t have any qualms if it stayed long-term as the forum software.

I like it and think it’ll be good forum software to use.

Only thing I wish is that it could use a little bit more of the screen space, but that’s nothing major. I wouldn’t be opposed to this being our permanent forum software.

Now that you bring that up, yeah, that would be one thing I’d like to see added.

If we could have the choice of how much the thread took up the screen, that would be nice. Even if it was just a percentage in the user settings (I.E. 50% of the screen width).

Would prefer XenForo, personally, but I’m sure that’ll become less true as time goes on. Doubt I’ll ever 100% prefer this over XenForo, but this is a nice software for what it is.


It is different but at the same time VERY intuitive. So far everything has been where I’ve expected it to be and worked in a manner that is better than other forum software. The simplicity lends a certain mature feel to it.

I’ve never used a forum with such a minimal design like this, only software like WBB with more focus on design.
But I like this one!

Also never heard of it, but it seems really nice so far :smiley:
Only thing I dislike are how reply’s to threads are displayed, but that’s mostly because of the CSS/Theme.
I really like all the fancy features though like the scrolling reply counter etc.

Discourse seems nice so far. I have seen it before but have never used it in an actual production environment. It’s very clean and minimalistic, which I like.

wow whole bukkit team is here (almost :\ ), i would like “befriend” button implemented

The first look at Discoure really appeals to me.
I think it’s just a matter of habituation :slight_smile:

It sure is nice. A little bland, but still nice. I still prefer IPBoard.