New logo for the header

Could we please?

(if you were to tell us the font used, I could make it just like that one. xD

Sponge isn’t SPonge :stuck_out_tongue:

change the Sp to Sponge :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t really fit in the rounded square, but I’ll try. lol


not a fan


I think I prefer the current logo, or something like:

This is by @vemacs, the original thread can be found here: Status update - 11 September, 2014 - #12 by simon816


nice!! thats awesome!

Again, it’s not mine. It is by @vemacs
Just clarifying :slight_smile:

@epicTylev i know but its nice @vemacs

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That’s a bit logo, i’m talking about a header, THIS: not a logo to put on launchers, articles, etc.

I know what a header is. If you were to make that* transparent and put “Sponge” on a horizontal x-axis with the cubed S - I personally think it would look great [and of course shrink it].

*Referring to vemacs’ idea

I mean, I’m semi-half-not-bad at editing, but I’m not going to personally edit and take credit for someone else’s work.

If the original artist wants to do that, fine, but I’m not going to take his/her work.

I didn’t mean the literal, personal “you” :stuck_out_tongue: - I was speaking in general - as a concept idea.
Anyway, I like the concept of the logo, that’s all I was trying to point out.

I’m not an artist, so I can’t really create things such as that.

Simple image editing and text manipulation is my limits.

I think it looks too much like a block of cheese. I think someone mentioned on reddit that the rounded top and bottom are offputting, the alternate version of it also linked in the logo google doc is better (just needs more depth):

I am going to put this here for the hell of it, a simplified version of what I submitted to the google doc:, if it was to be used in a header then I would have the text to the right and the graphic on its own.

That’s what I was meaning [regarding the text being to the right of the logo] xD
Was just too lazy do make an example. Thanks.

I’ve also made a version of the header image that works better with the current color scheme:

What font was that? Lol.

The font I used for the word “Community” was Helvetica Neue Standard, in it’s Light Condensed variety. (I had to play around with it to get it to fit more closely with the original)

I think I prolly traced over that earlier or something: modified Helvetica Neue Lt Pro Medium Condensed on both parts.