[NEXT GEN] Minecraft Server List suggestions wanted

I’ve been making a minecraft server list and I need a name for it now before you go yelling at me that there are too many already I am doing something no other server list has done yes it still the same concept but it makes it fair for everyone and gives everyone a chance to become number one each day and each month I’m trying to make this project as different as I can my goal is to make a new generation of a server list I got this idea from looking at my server and other server lists my server never got any from mine status or minecraft-mp cuz I’d always be far far down but my list will help 1 lucky server every day and another every month

So I’m here to ask for name suggestions

I’ve been given the name suggestion


I want it to be unique one of a kind and easy to remember I’m not wanting to destroy other server lists just looking to offer more than they do to the smaller servers for free

Also if you have any suggestions that could change the server list to be even more unique I’m fully open to suggestions

Thank You, IcyRelic




So what is special about this?

I think @IcyRelic wants to start a minecraft server list website.
So is asking website domain?

That is what I am referring to

Yes im looking for a domain and whats so special? Well all the current server lists are kinda unfair for the small servers on page 100 so im creating more than just what they have im adding a “Server of the day” and a “Server of the month” and many more unique ideas

That’s nothing really that special. The problem with server lists is that the “rich get richer”. To overcome this you may need to write some custom search ordering, also removing the option to pay to get to the top will help out small servers a ton.
You should also have tags instead of category’s


Didnt say i was having “Catagorys” i did plan to have tags and have a search bar that would search for “tags” i also wont have preset tags i might do custom tags so its easier for players to find the right server im trying to make it so its not all about the richer getting rich trying to make it more for the middle/lower class servers to help players find a comfortable server i want my websites experience to be one of a kind right now all the current server lists are the same i want to make this different Do you have any suggestions?

how about sorting by popularity (votes/time)
how about sorting by average player count online
how about not just adding a description page for servers, but also a auto generated info page shoing interesting stats (e.g. player trend, currently online player, slots, world names, plugins, server core ( bukkit/sponge/vanilla/idk ), admin names)
How about providing something like steam group discussions for every server instead of plain comments
how about the posibillity to write recommendations and search servers by those
how about a friend system that show information about where your friends play

ok, i think that’s all i got for now ^^
i know some stuff would need plugins, but still…


I like all of these i see i can do with out plugins

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Currently this is what i have on the server page

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Are you using a template by chance?
By the way, are you making a server list?

Yes i am making a server list thats what this post is about and im using bootstrap its from scratch though my design just bootstrap css

Sorry but that looks like an existing server list.

Oh What one?

Ik alot of them use bootstrap

Ill help ya (not with bootstrap but with like ideas for it)

Glad to hear. Could start with domain suggestions

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I stated a few before… all these have been tested and are available.
(Coming with more)