NightUI - Dark sponge forums theme

Some of you might have seen @octoshrimpy’s night theme a little while ago and enjoyed how it looked. I found the theme as well and decided to give it a try, and while I liked it, the theme was a bit inconsistent in areas and looked a bit weird in others. So I decided to go and revamp the theme to be what is now called NightUI.

If you want to try out the theme, copy the CSS from here and then go to @octoshrimpy’s thread here and read the instructions on how to install a plugin called stylebot and load the CSS into it.

Screenshots Profile:

User card:

Latest threads/posts:

Categories tab:

Thread, posts and badges:



If you find any issues with the theme please let me know! :slight_smile:


  • Lightened the thread watch button at the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed an issue with the text color in the flag post window being too dark.


  • Fixed discolorations in various parts of the site
  • Fixed a few white menus
  • Removed the fade from white effect when loading a topic at a certain post
  • Other misc. changes


  • Removed line at the bottom of page
  • Fixed color of embedded posts in replies
  • Fixed text color in badges page (when you click on a specific bade to view who earned it)
  • Fixed discolorations on the preferences page and in the uploads menu
  • Removed a line at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed the “white smudge” @xxmarijnw
  • Fixed text being invisible on the @mention menu in replies


  • Made a few things more consistent.


  • Fixed issues that came up from forum changes.

Nice Job @BitByte looks amazing

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I think the topic info box or whatever it’s called is to light:
And the font color is a bit to light too. Great job anyways. I will change it at my end ;D

This is quite nice. Only issue I see is what @MiniDigger mentioned as well as:

  • Preferences page has a white background (top right: click your avatar -> preferences)
  • Badges page: same thing
  • If opening a thread w/ a linked post directly, it brings the post to your attention by fading from white to normal bg colour. e.g.:- NightUI - Dark sponge forums theme - #3 by MiniDigger May not be fixable with CSS though if it’s done purely in JS, I guess.

I noticed that thanks, will be fixed in the next update. :slight_smile: also where is the font too light? I can look into changing it possibly.

  • Preferences fixed for next update
  • Badges page is dark for me, not sure what the prob is, screenshot please?
  • I’m aware of this but I can’t seem to find where the CSS controlling it is so i probably can’t fix it :confused:

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned it’s the Badges page inside your profile. /badges is fine.

I didn’t find an issue with the badges page either, although I applied a background color to see if that might help you. (I might have already fixed it by accident who knows)

I also fixed the other issue that I thought was un-fixable by adding a background color. :slight_smile:

EDIT: CSS link has been updated, you can get the new version here.

Same as before if you find any issues please let me know!

Indeed, everything looks good now :slight_smile:


I swear it was lighter when I last checked. Maybe the eco background light thing of my tv trolled me. Looks fine now :smiley:

Great! :slight_smile: Let me know if you find any other issues/inconsistencies.

Is that hr at the bottom intended?
EDIT: Just saw, that it is there even without the style. Looks strange :smiley:

Removed it without any issues, will be in update 3. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I really like the theme. Also thanks for including me! :slight_smile: Going to use it for sure. I will report it when I find a bug.

No problem! And thanks for your opinion. :slight_smile:

Fixed the following issues so far:

  • Removed line at the bottom of page
  • Fixed color of embedded posts in replies
  • Fixed text color in badges page (when you click on a specific bade to view who earned it)

There is a white ‘smudge’ when you change your setting by ‘Followed Topics’

Also when you try to upload a picture its very hard to read the text.

Is it possible to make threads that have been read some other shade of white to differentiate from threads that have something new?

I’ve been noticing it more and more difficult to differentiate the two.

Unless it’s just me.

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Not quite sure if this is possible, if you want to give it a try go ahead and if it works post the CSS i might add it. :wink:

That’s actually a bar to add stuff to the list, made it look slightly more obvious now though.


CSS file has been updated now. Enjoy the quick changes I made. :slight_smile: