No Downfall 2.0 - Prevent rain and thunder

No Downfall


No Downfall is a plugin for Sponge created to prevent downfall (as rain or thunder) on an entire server.


  • Disable all downfall (rain, thunder and anything that wouldn’t be shiny) on all maps.
  • Automatically make new maps sunny when created.
  • Enforce sunshine for as long as possible (No downfall for 3,3+ human years an infinite amount of times).


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Download directly.


Just put the “NoDownfall-[version].jar” file in Sponge’s mod folder and run your server. No configuration needed.


No Downfall hasn’t any kind of permission or command. We’ll handle everything for you!


Coded with :heart: by Faegy on [Github]


This plugin was requested by HLEEP on Sponge’s Plugin Request Forum.


Update for 6.0.0 please ?

Working on it, will be released soon.

If you use the nucleus, then there is command /lockweather.

Has been updated. See

This plugin is meant for people looking to lock the weather without all those other options proposed by nucleus and others. It requires no configuration and does nothing more than what it’s meant to do.

I know. I offered a quick solution.

Latest version 2.0 has been released with features making it simpler (yes it’s still possible!) to use.

maybe add toggling? Like I only want to have it rain, but not snow

Snow is rain in Minecraft. Thus ‘downfall’

There is a gamerule to do this already.

/gamerule doWeatherCycle false

Guessing this plugin will make it easier to manage though.

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Ur the man. Thanks.

I did /gamerule doDaylightCycle false and /gamerule doWeatherCycle false instead of having to get a plugin like this. I could’t find those settings in any config.