Ontime plugin?

is there some plugin that tracks the online time of (certain or all) players?
Or is this embedded somewhere in sponge?

Thanks in advance.

I use Enjin for this, gives a table on the website where you can see who played most!

Could you elaborate on how to do this please?
I also use Enjin but have not yet found a way to show montly ontimes.
Can this be targetted to certain people?

Because i want to check my staffs ontime and if they are not in the top10 for example a top10 list will not suffice.

Thanks in advance

Enjin Admin Panel

Haven’t looked into Sponge development in a while but I am thinking of getting back in.

I might consider making that plugin for you, but I cannot guarantee anything.


That would be very nice, because the enjin plugin is useless to me it shows the top online players, not the people i want to track, who are my staff. I’ll send a small donation your way if you are able to.
Perhaps track anyones ontime with a sertain permission node or something.

Okay, I have started development of this plugin. Do you want any special features or just a simple “/ontime plumppuffypig” “This player has been on for 8 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes, and 43 seconds”. And a top 10 list of course.

Oh I just realized how old this post is. Please respond if you still need the plugin.

You may want to take a look at the original plugin for bukkit:

It’s just amazing and provides the most important features like

  • Time tracking for each player
  • Time rewards (daily login, play time and so on)
  • Excluding afk users

And many other stuff.

I would be interested in this plugin.

Having this plugin would very nice :slight_smile:

im still interested but i depends on how much you are asking for it. For me it does not need much, it should track total ontime(afk time seperate) of every user with a certain rank for example.
And at the end of the month print out a txt file or something with the months totals. Or another way to view the previous months totals. Thats about it i think.

bumping this thread

Just thought i would mention that i am also working on my own version version which has this functionality. Whether or not Ryan is still making his since i started on it just short of 2 weeks ago

@leelawd93 are you going to publicly release it or sell it by any chance?

It will be a public release.


Ah thats wonderfull looking forward to it!

Hey I was wondering, is the plugin still being worked on by someone or ?

This is a pretty late response but you might want to check outy ActiveTime ⏳ The Simple Playtime Logger if you are looking for this capability.