Ore <-> SpongeAPI powered servers

Hey. so I’ve been thinking about making a package manager (plugin manager) for servers, although I would much rather not re-invent the wheel. Has Ore (@gratimax ?) thought about creating a plugin for Sponge that links Ore and the server?

It could get pretty featureful down the road, but to start off with it’d be nice to have bare-bones browsing, install/uninstall, management- so past Ore integration this would mean disable/enable plugins dynamically on the fly- I know the issues with this, although it’d be nice to get some more current and relevant (I know the problems involved with Bukkit, although does Sponge share the same problems? I can only assume in theory.) information on this topic, multi-ore instance support (can add “ore repos” plugin-side so we can pull from multiple ore instances- future proof. 1 centralized Ore instance is preferable, but the support is nice). I could keep going but you get the point.

EDIT #1:
tl;dr – Basically, do you still have plans to integrate an apt-get / yum package management system through a server-side SpongeAPI plugin?

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I believe gratimax is working on a feature that similar of npm or composer where servers would be able to pull a plugin by using it’s name, so I could imagine something similar to:

ore download permissions-ex

However I’m not entirely sure and this should be confirmed by @gratimax

Let me link you to this:

As per @simon816’s reply I found:

Although I would still like to know the state of this and/or whether or not it is still planned.

ore-get install destinations, ore-get update, ore-get update && dist-upgrade :+1:

(Im kind of partial to Aptitude)

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Just a bit… :wink:

Also, updated the post with a tl;dr so people can find my point a little quicker.