[Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager


I now worked on the Example a bit, added a way to enter nicknames for people or kill ur self. Now I want to add a picture of my skin into the GUI, i already read the Wiki but I don't get how to implement a picture into the GUI. I would appreciate if you can tell me the right Attributes :grinning:


Can I see the code where you want to add your skin?

Edit: This page contains how to add the player skin image.



Go spawn

Set spawn

Go home

Set home






Send Nick







Send money

Transactions(Not implemented)

Project Worlds

Current world:

World name:

Create world

World name:

Delete world


ohh lol tht was wrong :smiley:


You should add your code between the code balise.


sry I'm not so well in programming what should i do?


Copy this character ` three time in a row. Press enter. Copy the same character three time in a row again. After that, put the xml between the two row.


<download type="font" url="http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/download/montserrat"/>
<download type="image" url="http://avatar.yourminecraftservers.com/avatar/source/minecraft/background/trnsp/bgParams/%23111111,%23cccccc/notFound/steve/figure/face/figureSize/60/borderSize/4/borderColor/%23000000/canvasSize/256/{PLAYER_NAME}.png?download" name="Skinkopf"/>
<link src="css/style.css" />
<generate name="montserrat" size="8" color="41,41,41,255"/>
<generate name="montserrat" size="8" color="224,224,224,255"/>
<onGuiEvent onOpen="showComponent(0, mainContainer)" onClose="hideComponent(0, mainContainer)"/>
<onFormSend form="spawn" command="spawn" />
<onFormSend form="setSpawn" command="setspawn" />
<onFormSend form="goHome" command="home home" />
<onFormSend form="setHome" command="sethome home" />
<onFormSend form="heal" command="heal" />
<onFormSend form="feed" command="feed" />
<onFormSend form="economy" command="pay {amount} {player}" />
<onFormSend form="worldCreation" command="pjw cr {world} d:OVERWORLD" />
<onFormSend form="worldDelete" command="pjw unload {world}" />
<onFormSend form="worldDelete" command="pjw delete {world}" />
<onFormSend form="kill" command="kill" />
<onFormSend form="nick" command="nick {player} {nname}" />
<div id="mainContainer">
<div id="header">
<p id="EssentialCmds" onClick="showComponent(1, EssentialCmdsPanel);hideComponent(0, EconomyLitePanel, ProjectWorldsPanel)">
<div class="pluginPanel" id="EssentialCmdsPanel">
<p class="button" id="goSpawn" form="spawn" action="submit">Go spawn</p>
<p class="button" id="setSpawn" form="setSpawn" action="submit">Set spawn</p>
<p class="button" id="goHome" form="goHome" action="submit">Go home</p>
<p class="button" id="setHome" form="setHome" action="submit">Set home</p>
<p class="button" id="heal" form="heal" action="submit">Heal</p>
<p class="button" id="food" form="feed" action="submit">Feed</p>
<p class="button" id="kill" form="kill" action="submit">Kill</p>
<div class="line" />
<p class="textOnWhite" id="emailTo" >Spieler:</p>
<input id="Player" class="textOnWhite" form="nick" name="player" />
<p class="textOnWhite" id="nickname" >Nickname:</p>
<input id="Name" class="textOnWhite" form="nick" name="nname"/>
<p class="button" id="sendMessage" form="nick" action="submit">Send Nick</p>
<div class="image" name="Skinkopf" id="Skin" />
<p id="EconomyLite" onClick="showComponent(1, EconomyLitePanel);hideComponent(0, EssentialCmdsPanel, ProjectWorldsPanel)">
<div class="pluginPanel" id="EconomyLitePanel">
<p class="textOnWhite" id="balance">Balance:</p>
<div class="lineh" id="separatorSendMoney"/>
<playerBalance currency="coin" class="textOnWhite" />
<p id="currency" class="textOnWhite">$</p>
<p id="moneyTo" class="textOnWhite">To:</p>
<input class="textOnWhite" id="moneyToInput" form="economy" name="player" />
<p id="amount" class="textOnWhite">Amount:</p>
<input id="amountInput" class="textOnWhite" form="economy" name="amount" />
<p id="amountInputCurrency" class="textOnWhite">$</p>
<p class="button" id="sendMoney" form="economy" action="submit">Send money</p>
<div class="line" />
<p class="textOnWhite" id="transactionTitle" >Transactions(Not implemented)</p>
<div id="transactionsPanel"/>
<p id="ProjectWorlds" onClick="showComponent(1, ProjectWorldsPanel);hideComponent(0, EconomyLitePanel, EssentialCmdsPanel)">
Project Worlds
<div class="pluginPanel" id="ProjectWorldsPanel">
<p class="textOnWhite" id="currentWorld">Current world:</p>
<playerWorld class="textOnWhite" />
<div class="lineh" id="separatorCurrentWorld"/>
<p id="worldNameToCreate" class="textOnWhite">World name:</p>
<input id="worldNameToCreateInput" class="textOnWhite" form="worldCreation" name="world" />
<p class="button" id="createWorld" form="worldCreation" action="submit">Create world</p>
<p id="worldNameToDelete" class="textOnWhite">World name:</p>
<input id="worldNameToDeleteInput" class="textOnWhite" form="worldDelete" name="world" />
<p class="button" id="deleteWorld" form="worldDelete" action="submit">Delete world</p>


I tried this for adding in the Image


Try this <img class="image" name="Skinkopf" id="Skin"></img>


ok have done it what do I have to write into the css file now? (No worries last question for today :smile:)


You have to do this.

css file

#Skin {
    background-image: Skinkopf.png

xml file

<download type="image" url="http://avatar.yourminecraftservers.com/avatar/source/minecraft/background/trnsp/bgParams/%23111111,%23cccccc/notFound/steve/figure/face/figureSize/60/borderSize/4/borderColor/%23000000/canvasSize/256/{PLAYER_NAME}.png?download" name="Skinkopf.png"/>

<img class="image" id="Skin"></img>

It should work.


#Skin {
x-relative: 176;
y-relative: 70;
background-image: Skinkopf.png
width: 30;
height: 30;

<download type="image" url="http://avatar.yourminecraftservers.com/avatar/source/minecraft/background/trnsp/bgParams/%23111111,%23cccccc/notFound/steve/figure/face/figureSize/60/borderSize/4/borderColor/%23000000/canvasSize/256/{PLAYER_NAME}.png?download" name="Skinkopf.png"/>

<img class="image" id="Skin"></img>

do you see any faults?


At the end of background-image: Skinkopf.png add this ;.


yay thx! :slight_smile:


You have tested and it works?


yeah it works
thanks again I'll improve it a bit, trying to get into a bit more complex things, maybe I can give you the file to use it as another example :smiley:


A bug I want to notice is that if you left the server and rejoin without restarting the game the gui wont be displayed. (Maybe i only do something wrong)


It should works, I tested it so many times.


I'm in develop mode, maybe that's the problem?