[Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager

MinecraftGui v2.0.3

The new version of MinecraftGui is now released with a lot of new features!

What is MinecraftGui

MinecraftGui is a combination of a mod and a plugin that allow anyone to create a gui for their favorite plugins. To use this plugin you don’t need to know java. Everything has been simplified to allow anyone to create their own graphical user interfaces for their server. See the screenshots below.


  • Multiple ways to create and customize your interfaces
    • Write your interfaces with xml and css.
    • Simple API for the developers.
    • Mix java with xml and css.
  • A lot of things to customize the components
    • 12 events to handle every interactions with the player.
    • 4 states with 33 attributes to customize the components.
    • Personalize your interfaces for each player with variables and xml tags.
  • Multiple formats supported
    • PNG, JPG and GIF for the images.
    • TTF and OTF for the fonts.
  • Interact with the server
    • Send commands to the server and customize the values to send.

Example of what you can do with MinecraftGui

To show you what you can do without using java I created a nice and simple interface. The interface interacts with these three plugins: ProjectWorlds-3.1.0-v0.7.43 @TrenTech, EssentialCmds-7.0 @HassanS6000 and EconomyLite-v1.1.3 @Flibio. The interface send commands as if the player sends commands by the chat.

To download the example click here.

How to use MinecraftGui

To use MinecraftGui correctly, you have to download the mod and install it in your mods folder of your client. You have to download the plugin and install it in the mods folder of your Sponge server.


/gui reload - Reload your gui
/guidev [true | false] - Change the state of the dev mode.

Plugins with MinecraftGui implemented:


Tested on:

  • Plugin:
  • Spongeforge-1.8.9-1694-3.1.0-BETA-1090
  • Forge-1.8.9-
  • Client:
  • 1.8.9-forge1.8.9-



Definitely interested but I’m going on two week vacation tomorrow. I’ll message you when I get back :slight_smile:

Perfect, I’ll wait your message!

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I’m interested in helping out with this. I’ve been with the spoutcraft community right up to the shifstorm that sponge was borne from. I recently started bring the concept of a GUI API for sponge plugins and came across your concept. :3

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Hi, thank to show your interest for my project. First of all, I’m open to work with people and you could send me information about your knowledge, projects you have worked on and all the informations that could give me a good idea about your experience. Send me this in private and we will talk about that.

Does this tie into existing java/lwjgl GUI stuff, or is it entirely new? Also what does the [OFFICIAL] in your title mean?

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To render the components I use lwjgl and the [OFFICIAL] in the title is because I created a topic a long time ago about my project, but this topic will be the official.

Can I make it like the mod is optional and people without the mod just won’t see the gui?

The player doesn’t require the mod to go on the server.

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Not open source? Weirdly restrictive license? :frowning:

I want to protect my work. My license doesn’t allow to take my code.

Couldn’t you use a listence not allowing other people to use your code & then show your code? Also as cool as this is, I don’t like closed source stuff, I never know what’s inside. (From a bad point of view)

EDIT: nevermind, forgot github forces you to allow forks.

EDIT2: Nevermind again, there are licenses allowing you to prevent other people from using your code.

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If you send me the licenses and they don’t allow other people to take my code, my project will be open source.

http://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0/ that might be a nice choice. It makes your work your own, it does allow people to modify your code, however they must say your code is yours, ect.

I know this website and the license on this website are open. That mean everyone can take my code and do what they want to do.

This is a summary of my license:

License does not expire.
Can be used for creating unlimited applications
Can be distributed in binary or object form only
Commercial use allowed
Cannot modify source-code for any purpose (cannot create derivative works)

Nothing doesn’t allow you to look the code. You can’t modify the code.

That’s a great way to get the open-source friendly community here to be completely disinterested in your project.

Why do you want to prevent others from modifying your code?

Why do you want to prevent others from using your code (with complete attribution)?

I don’t want to lose my project and I don’t want a team of people take my code and create something without me. I like my project and I want keep the control of his development.

I like the open-source concept, but nothing will protect my project. Anyone can take my project and create something. I will receive the attribution because it’s from my project, but I want to participate on the development.

I know my license can disinterest the open-source community but I don’t know what to do to resolve this.

I don’t think you understood the reason for an open-source license and i don’t think you like the open-source concept at all.
At least not for your project. You’re of course fine to do whatever you want to, but i don’t think being narrow-minded will get you anywhere fast or far.

The spirit of open-source is that anyone can improve (not steal!) your work if he feels that he can get a benefit out of that.
Noone forks your code, drums together a whole lot of devs and will then try to bully you out the door. That’s not how this works. :wink:

I’d recommend you do as you please and we’ll see what happend.
Don’t let yourself get pushed in any direction and think about the importance of:
a) keeping the project yours
b) coding for the community

That’s not an “open” license. That is very closed-source. The whole point of open-source is that you open up your project’s code to be looked at, contributed to, and used by others.

Keep in mind as well that very few people will be interested in using your library if you do not plan on opening it up to outside contributions and examination. It’s not just that a lot of us don’t trust libraries that aren’t open-source, but that if you stray from a common open-source license, it is unknown how compatible your license is with anybody else’s. To get any chance of being used by a serious project, you’d have to write detailed documentation for your project (no, decompiling the jar does not count) and hire a lawyer to examine your license and ensure compatibility.

I for one have no interest in using this library for anything as it exists today.