[Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager


Maybe but It should not.


Fun idea is there way to make custom icons for the gui? :smiley:
I would love to make guis with custom icons and buttons so you press it and it does stuff ^^


What do you mean by custom icon?


Update 2.0.4

  • Update to Sponge API 4.0.3


  • Download the mod click here.
  • Download the plugin click here.
  • Download the example click here.
  • Wiki (Work in progress)
  • Github


Like how android phone works you press on the apps and it starts the app :smiley:
But in this case it runs the command xS
Also how apps look instead of apps we put icons from blocks,items or even custom .png :smiley:


Currently you can set a command to be executed when you click on a button and you can customize the arguments in the command with different inputs.

Edit: You can also display png, jpg and gif in your GUI.


Yeah i so that i just would love to see some day(it doesnt always have to be right now) xS
Since sponge's inventory gui's are not that great i would like to see similar thing with your mod+plugins because so far its great :smiley: but its not minecrafty... xS


You can design your GUI in the minecraft style with custom fonts and images.


Could you make this GUI interact with Pixelmon type things like it's economy system as well?


Yes, you can create a GUI that interact with Pixelmon.


Could I get an example for this?


You can see some screenshots of this example here.


the gui will output the command like it's written in the chat so as long as you have pixelmon installed you can run every commend from it :slight_smile:


How to implement a Gif into your GUI

In the .xml file:

in the head:

<download type="image" url="http://i.giphy.com/zDuStFVpRJIZ2.gif" name="Server.gif"/>

in the body:

<img class="image" id="Gif"></img>

in the .css file:

#Gif {
x-relative: 135;
y-relative: 80;
background-image: Server.gif;
width: 150;
height: 75;

Since i had some problems with that I`ll post this here if someone also want to implement a GIf into his GUI. The link fro the url in the download command has to be the download link of your gif :slight_smile: (This GIF wasn't made from me credits to it's Autor!)


This is beautiful :smile:

May I ask where exactly I'm placing everything before I screw up my server? :sweat_smile:

MinecraftGUI-2.0.4 --
MinecraftGUI-2.0-client --
Slick-util --
MinecraftGUI folder -

I just want to be safe and make sure.


Your server:
- MinecraftGUI-2.0.4

Your client:
- Slick-util
- MinecraftGUI-2.0-client

Edit: Have you downloaded the example?


Thank you :kissing_heart:
So everyone would need to download the client side files in order to use this?


The players who would like to use the GUI have to download the client mod, but they don't have to download the mod to play on your server.


Thank you very much!


Is this going to be updated to API 4.0 soon?