PayDay - Pay your players as they play


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PayDay is a Sponge plugin that pays players at set intervals.


A configuration file (payday.conf) is located in the Sponge configuration directory, and allows you to modify how the plugin functions.

    "players"= {
        "permission"= "*",
        "amount"= 50.0
salarymessage="&6[PayDay]: &7It's PayDay! Here is your salary of {amount} {label}! Enjoy!"
joinmessage="&6[PayDay]: &7Welcome to the server! Here is {amount} {label}! Enjoy!"

Valid time units are:

  • Nanoseconds
  • Microseconds
  • Milliseconds
  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days

Pay amounts are assigned using the following format:

    "my group"= {
        "permission"= "*",
        "amount"= 50.0
    "my group 2"= {
        "permission"= "requires.this.permission",
        "amount"= 19.99

If the permission is set to *, it will pay all players.


If the enableafkpay is set to false in the configuration file, and the Nucleus AFK Module is enabled, PayDay will check if the player is AFK before paying them. If the player is found to be AFK, the player will not receive any currency.

PayDay was originally created by HassanS6000 of NEGAFINITY. Original thread.

The plugin was updated to API 5 by Kostronor.


Does it work like this one:

I really miss that plugin.


It depends on what part of that plugin you want. For this plugin I just stuck with HassanS6000’s basic plugin idea: It will pay players every x minutes (or another time unit). This plugin does not track player time on the server, and the only reward it offers players is payment using the Sponge economy API.


A new version has been released for PayDay, it is available for download here.

Added ability to disable payments on join.


I was looking at this (trying to find a replacement for the Bukkit TimeIsMoney now that I’m using a server that doesn’t support Bukkit plugins). I think this is exactly what I need but I have 1 question before I set it up. I see that different payment levels can be set based on permission levels. If someone is in a group with that permission, will they get the standard payment PLUS the payment for their permission level?

As I type this, I realized I can get around that issue by not setting a payment for * and just setting permission based payments for each rank but I still am curious as to how it would handle have 1 payment setting for * and 1 payment setting for VIP permissions


Also, with the permissions, do I just make one up and set it in my permissions system (using luckperms)

Wondering if I just add a permission to the members group "payday.member and to premium “payday.premium” and define those permission nodes in the payday config, that will work?


If a player has two of the permissions, they will receive both payments, not just one. For setting up the permissions, you make up any random permission, just make sure it is the same permission for LuckPerms and in the PayDay configuration.


Wanted to way a day or 2 to see how it goes before I commented back. Thanks for the info, this is working great!!!


A new version has been released for PayDay, it is available for download here.

  • Added integration with Nucleus AFK module
  • Target Sponge API 6.0.0


A new version has been released for PayDay, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed config generation


A new version has been released for PayDay, it is available for download here.

  • Updated to SpongeAPI 7.0.0


A new version has been released for PayDay, it is available for download here.


  • Added ability to modify messages


Can get a player’s reward if he came from 00:00 to 23:59 ?
I would like the player to receive a reward once a day, no matter what time was in the game


No, it is not currently possible to pay every player once a day regardless of whether they logged in or not.


Do you plan implement such a function the future?


Any chance you can make it so that we can change which payout currency the plugin uses??


/sponge plugin reload doesn’t reload the config, can you update it so it does?


I like the plugin and will be using it, thank you for making it available. I just wish it has a tiny bit more functionality such as,

  1. Option to only pay the player on their first initial login to the server.
  2. Option to pay players on every login to the server, but have a cooldown that can be set, so players can’t log in and out repeatedly to generate money.
  3. Be able to set different pay amounts for login and salary that’s generated every so many time units.