PayDay [v0.5]

This is a simple plugin, that hooks into the EconomyService and pays users hourly, as well as pays users when they first connect to your server. This plugin requires an Economy plugin!


You can download the latest build of PayDay here.

GitHub Repository

You can view the GitHub Repository here.


To configure PayDay, you can use PEX, and use the following command:

/pex group [group name] option pay [payment hourly]
/pex group [group name] option startingbalance [starting money]

To change the TimeUnit, simply change the value of timeunit in the config. You can look at the following image:

Possible Values [Not Case-Sensitive]:

  • Nanoseconds
  • Microseconds
  • Milliseconds
  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days

Support Me

If you’d like to support me, you can do so here.

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First of all I would like to apologize for this. But I do feel like this plugin could build on what was just added. I was talking to a user of Total Economy and they were talking about wanting to give different payouts to different groups of people(ex. Donator, Admin, Member, etc). Total Economy does not do this but instead pays people based off of their job. From what it looks like above, you give the ability to pay players based off of a group they’re in which is awesome and exactly what some people want. I do plan on adding the ability to disable salaries in the config for Total Economy which would allow people to use this plugin to give them the ability to pay people based off of groups instead of jobs. So please keep working on this because I feel like it would give players another option for salaries whilst using Total Economy.

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Okay :slight_smile: Thanks.

Can the time be customizable via a config? Instead of only being paid hourly you could change it to 10 minutes etc.

Will add that in v0.2

I hope you’re not gonna try to hook into TotalEconomy directly, or any economy plugin directly for that matter. It may be viable for now since the economy service API hasn’t been dropped into the sponge API yet (as far as I’m concerned), but when it does, you should be switching to using it to make your plugin compatible with all economy plugins. Plan ahead and prepare for the switch.

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Yeah, for now it’s hooking up into TotalEconomy directly, but I have already planned on switching to the economy service API once it’s in Sponge, so it supports all economy plugins.


But please leave there the possibility. Its good the job part in Total Economy. I thing I can use together both plugins. I only need to know all the possibilities of this plugin and his configurations options.

If it possible to pay people not only daily but in longer distance, if its possible to do it on players too not only for groups and if your time system is based on played time or on running time of the server.

I’ll add that option soon

This will be great. I love you guys with the complete Sponge team and all plugin builders :smile:
This will be the best MC server and ports ever. :+1:

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And is possible to implement to give each group any individual start amount?

I have implemented that. :slight_smile: Will release it as soon as Sponge’s newest build releases - there were some big API changes involving events.

Yo mean the changes to support only Java 8?
I will wait on it. it will be great.

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He though events related API changes (refactoring- name,location and some function changes).

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Can’t wait for this plugin :wink:


Hope you will have the update soon, while I have these errors with the latest sponge 613 and isn’t possible to use your plugin.

Should be fixed by now. I’ll look into it

Ah. I forgot to release the updated version. Enjoy v0.2! :slight_smile:

Thanks I have downloaded it :slight_smile: And is possible to make some Wiki, or write how can be it configured or better how can I use it? You have only one command for payment hourly. Which are the other commands for taking the start amount for each group and if is possible to the hourly payment make payment pay day, month, or another time and if its possible to have the possibility to make it after play time for each user.

The directions for usage are above, I will be making a Wiki on GitHub very soon. :smiley: