PermissionsEx premade config [REQUEST]

Hello guys! I’m Kraken founder of a pixelmon server (IP: COMING SOON) I need a permissionsex premade config with a basic permissions!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, someone would have to know what plugins/mods you had installed and what you wanted groups to be and what permissions different groups should have.

In the server we have the following mods/plugins
BuyCraftX [PLUGIN]
Pixelmon [MOD]
Pixelmon Extras [MOD]
EconomyLite [PLUGIN]
Nucleus [PLUGIN]
PermissionsEx [PLUGIN]
PixelmonEconomyBridge [MOD]

The Trainer can set single home and he can claim with the shovel (Tell me a plugin I can use for claim), can do /spawn and /warps, /kits and ./endbattle
Prefix &7&lAllenatore

The Admin Have the full power

Nucleus makes it really easy to get a basic setup going. Thats a pretty good guide.

If you use the plugin chatUI.

Chat UI - A UI toolkit for the vanilla chat box

Watch that demo video as well to see how to add and delete perms. `

And the plugin griefprevention is probably what you are talking about with shovel based claiming.