🔑 PermissionsEx v2.0 [API 5]

I looked at jooq but it seemed to bring in a ton of deps that blew up the jar size a ton. However, something like that or an orm is probably what I am going to end up using.

If you can get away with an ORM, I would recommend that. They are great for simpler queries and do provide multi database support. The server I am currently wanting to move to 1.8 once I can has a Website powered by Django+PostgreSQL and if could simply integrate PermissionEX into the site, that would be amazing.

I’ve been geeking out about http://flywaydb.org recently. It looks fantastic and integrates with like everything ever, but I’ve sadly not had a chance to use it.

Maybe it’d be something to look at? =)


yeah, my main concern with orms is that there may be issues with migrations. However, I am currently looking at ormlite for the orm stuff (though I also want to deal with immutable objects, which orms are often not too friendly with).

@phroa flywaydb looks cool, but it doesn’t appear to offer any abstraction over the raw sql, which is the difficult part.

zml it works
nice plugin

Just my two cents judging from what I learned when I rewrote MyWarps database layer: Jar size should not really matter since we are not talking about web applications or similar. JOOQ is the same as JDBC from a conceptual perspective: the database drives the development, you remain in full control over queries, shift work to the database etc. In contrast with an ORM, your data model drives the development. Generally speaking, ORMs are pretty good at storing complex object graphs, but tend suffer performance losses for complex selects (n+1 problem).

FlyWay is probably the best tool available for managing database scheme versions, migrating data between versions… Probably the best thing about it is that it just works. I use it in MyWarp and I think sk89q has implemented it in WorldGuard6.

Whatever you use, I look forward to using PEX on Sponge.


I’m having trouble assigning permissions. The command setup doesn’t seem to work like the Bukkit version of PEX, so I need help with commands.

Documentation is still WIP @FireFaced but the current best reference is Commands · Issue #1945 · PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx · GitHub

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Nice to see plugins begin to be ported to Sponge. Nice work! <3

If I wanted to configure a config file (unsure if supported yet) where would I put it? /mods maybe? If i can’t use a config file yet then what would the command be to set a new group (ex. Owner) and to give it the “*” perm node?

I use multicraft by the way so all files edited locally then uploaded to server through FileZilla.

I would really like to get started on AdminEX, but I’d love to work closely with you on it, as you have a better understanding than anyone the best way to go about designing the web-side of it.

If you could provide me a UML or something for me, I’d be happy to create the web-panel for it.

What is the command to create a new Group and what is the command to give permissions.

sorry for my bad english I come from Germany :confused:

Okaaaayy everytime i use /pex i get this:

PermissionsEx v2.0-SNAPSHOT
/pex [–context|–contexts|-c] [-transient] [reload|debug|subject permission|permission-default|options|info|parents]

and every time i try to do something useful like /pex group I get this:

Too many arguments!
Usage: /pex [–context|–contexts|-c] [-transient] [reload|debug|subject permission|permission-default|options|info|parents]

Go ahead and post your issue on the projects Issues page. Just easier to keep track of things there. :smile:

@xSloth @DomiMC @Hergarian Again, commands have brief documentation at Commands · Issue #1945 · PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx · GitHub
(and yeah, usage messages are a bit off at the moment unfortunately, that’s a work item)

The new PEX does not support any web interfaces currently – it has a new file format and a new API.

@KieronWiltshire What I’m hoping to do is to have a JSON RPC API for interacting with PEX’s data, or do a web app in java so we can take advantage of shared code. However, that’s a bit down the road

@zml understandable, the JSON RPC API would the best method as it has much more agnosticism in regards to where it can be used.

could we possibly talk about this on instant or private message? (IRC preferably)
I’d love to get started on this as soon as possible.

The documentation must be changing in an extreme way. The example file & permissions.json formating do not resemble each other. Documentation could use quite a bit of work. Eagerly awaiting a workable version of this plugin, or if already workign basic instructions on how to add user, group, etc. permissions.

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yeah, the plugin is heavily in development, so a lot of the things that are there are changing frequently as I try different things to figure out what works best. And yes, documentation is generally the last part that comes in

Excellent! Me much likey! PEX forever!

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Been playing around a bit here. Trying to just straight up rebuild my perms instead of porting from the .yml in bukkit. I’ve tried every command I could think of directly in the console with no luck. I’ve also read issue 1945 on github. The output is always “Too many arguments!” with no error outputs in the log.

mineos 0.6.0
Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 wheezy

Anyone have thoughts on this issue?