PEXOE | The permissions editor you won't regret paying $0 for!


Post edited because the idea behind this has changed. Don’t worry it’s still gonna be a great permissions editor! Just better.


If I’m not mistaken, Sponge won’t be using YAML anymore.

Current plans are to switch to: “HOCON”

Source: What's Happening - Google Docs

Oh. Well I can always just encode it to HOCON.
Good think I know that before I started to recode the YAML part.

EDIT: Seems there isn’t already a PHP library for HOCON. Guess I’ll just make my own. Do you happen to have a link to some documentation of HOCON

I would like to test this new web application when its in a working state. Send me a PM when the editor is in a working state and Ill provide feedback on this web application.

I’ve taken a look. Not much out there regarding HOCON.

Apart for a Reddit argument about HOCON (and YAML):

Found some documentation (more like notes) about it on GitHub:

Configs using HOCON:

HOCON stands for: Human-Optimized Config Object Notation

Will do!
Is there any documentation of how Sponge will do permissions? I don’t think there would be since it’s a bit early in development but, might as well ask.

I’d think it would be somewhat similar to how Bukkit deals with it. Only so many ways you can do permissions without upsetting the entire community. :smile:

Forge and Spout also use the same system as Bukkit did.

You might want to contact ZML over at Pex.

Yeah I figured so I’m just gonna try and develop it to where it will be easy to add new permission file formats.
Which is one of the main reasons I’m recoding it.

Thanks for the HOCON info.

Going by the sample applications provided. The code looks very very similar to bukkits implementation of YAML.

Custom Library:

Anyway here is some documentation:

Its based off JSON.

For various plugins, you may need to make quite drastically different editor setups. For instance, I’ve heard talk about ‘transient’ permissions, which may not be bound to an individual group, world, etc, so for those plugins, you may need areas that can list group-transient or world-transient permissions as well as the common setups so far with permission groups, permissions for groups (not permission groups, but rather permissions applied to a group), per-world per-group permissions, and per-world per-user permissions. I wouldn’t be looking forward to doing something with that many alternatives XD But regardless, good luck! Hopefully it doesn’t do what MCMA does and just kinda botches the permissions files if you have it set up before using MCMA. Seeing proper support for various plugin features would be really nice.

Also, instead of having to add a single permission node at a time in various sections, a bulk input would be nice.

To exemplify what I stated above, here’s a link from the Lapis Commons thread in regards to how their permissions system would work (which looks pretty awesome to be honest)

@OffLuffy Aren’t the Lapis permissions just for simplifiying the configuration process, not being a drastically different idea of permissions? As far as I know, if you only want to have the features of e.g. PermissionsEx, you don’t need to use them and have a simple, clean and working permission setup… If I’m wrong, please correct me - I may did not fully understand the potential of those Buckets…

By the way: I’m now working with @jdf2 on this together and some things of the idea have changed drastically:

  1. There will be a community feature: You can just import the most-used configuration from a huge database created by everyone hosting a server.
  2. It will (probably only) work together with a Sponge plugin which acts as a secure REST API for the biggest permission plugins.
  3. It will be centralized on one website with one database and user accounts for every server admin, so everyone can and will share his setup with the community database.
  4. The interface will probably look completely different from what it does in the first version of jdf2’s PEXOE.

I know this may does not sound perfect for an open source-minded community to have a centralized platform to manage permissions, however this offers huge possibilities for features of all kinds instead of being just another PEx GUI.

Yes me and @momar are working together now.
Since we are working together this will be two times better! :smiley:

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I can’t say with any certainty as I’ve only really used Group manager in the past, but it does seem like Lapis has some pretty extensive permissions API, although I’m thinking they’re not implemented by Lapis themselves, only allows plugins to do so, so I guess it’s up in the air what happens with that setup.

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I’ve been using PermissionsEx since 1.8 (the first one that came around, lol). Please tell me it will work with Sponge :frowning:

As one of the largest supported permission handlers, I suspect the developers or some other developer would be interested in porting it. If not out of interest, then maybe out of necessity.

Although maybe the wrong place to be asking about that as this is thread is for a web-based permission editor, not necessarily Sponge support for permission handlers.

I want my 0$ back


@leonissenbaum You get 14 days money-back guarantee :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to keep you all up to date:

  • It will probably be called Mineperms, however the name is not sure yet.

  • It currently looks like this and like that

  • You will be able to rollback any changes other people made

I don’t understand why people need a “Permissions Editor”. Just use the in-game commands:

  • No Parse issues
  • No incorrect syntax crap
  • 99% guaranteed that server doesn’t break after reload! (As long you don’t make parents loops).

I can’t stand using ingame commands…