Pin a 'Read Before Posting' thread?

So it seems that I frequently see newer people posting repetitive questions, like “How will I install Sponge?” or “Is it a standalone server?”, etc, etc, and several of the members who have been around a bit longer are probably just getting a bit annoyed that they can’t find information on their own. So I’d suggest a ‘Read Before Posting’ titled thread pinned globally that would contain a simplified guide to where to find information. First and foremost, it should link to the FAQ and any documentation on Sponge (Much like what this most recent Community Update did, but rather in a cleaner and shorter way, i.e.

##Read Before Posting!
Read the FAQ before asking questions!

###Forum Rules

  • Don’t talk about Sponge club
  • There are no rules except rule 1 and 3
  • Don’t talk about Sponge club
    ###Other resources

You can see where I’m going with that. Just a clear and structured (hopefully short) thread concerning posting new threads. Probably locked as well.


Isn’t there a blurb for new members that’s above the reply textbox and lasts for the first 2 posts? The mods can put it there instead of pinning it.

There’s still no reason not to pin it, honestly.

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There is a reason to pin it. I look at these forums nearly everyday, and I don’t like looking at posts that ask silly questions that have already been answered in the FAQ and it just takes up that time I will never get back… Tragic. But really I just hate going through posts that have been created by people that are to lazy to read the FAQ or browse the forums…

Thank you for this idea. Well i created a 'Read Before Posting' thread. You are notified, you can find it here.

You seem like you’re trying to get Forum mod or something haha. Good luck though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve been pinning stuff like this that people make on a lot of different boards. That doesn’t force people to actually read it however. The people who ask stupid questions would probably still ask them whether something was pinned or not, probably not taking the time to read it.


Well, it’s mostly about the thread title. If it clearly said “Read Before Posting” or “Read Before Asking”, then it may weed out a few people, but instead they have somewhat complex names that probably dissuade people from reading them, pinned or not. If they do open them, they probably look too lengthy for them to want to read.

Note the double negative that I used in what I said. :wink:

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It was a tricky sentence, I misunderstood it as well :slight_smile:

btw, I agree that something should be done to let new users know that there is a FAQ to consult before asking questions here at forum, despite the fact that there is already a button at the Sponge HomePage (Learn More) which links to the FAQ.

This is how it generally is on most other boards that I’ve seen, you’ll still have people that don’t read the pinned topics, but it’s still a good idea to pin them anyways for the ones that do take the time to look at them.

I suggest posting a read before necroing post ^^

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Straight from the grave.

If he had just waited a few more months, he would have gotten a lovely red box when he tried to reply.

Example: (took from a bug report)

@DarkArcana, can this time limit be decreased?

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Yes please :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree<Ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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