Pixelmon/sponge plugins development

Anyone can crate plugins with Pixelmon/sponge? If you can, dm me on discord WilliamLin#2969. What I meant by this is like for example, creating crates that randomly selects Pokémon’s or other stuff in the mod. Or modifying a Pokémon’s nature, ability, poke ball and etc… with a GUI. Just examples.

This is a poor example of a request for services. You neither suggest a budget, nor give a particularly coherent example of what you want done. Perhaps you can clarify it a bit by comparing to the template and adding some more information.

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There are plenty of crate plugins useable on Sponge itself. You have to be willing to put in the work to learn and do the config yourself. Thats the easiest part anyways. If you cant do a simple plugin config, ya shouldnt be running a server.