Player Glow - Allows players to glow in various colors

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Player Glow [API 5/6/7]

This plugin is no longer compatible with the newer versions of sponge.

A simple plugin that adds A glowing outline in various colors to players.

Use 1.0.1 For Api Version 5/6, Use newer versions for Api Version 7


A clickable menu in chat that lets you select colors and toggle the effect on or off.

Permission nodes for each color.


Command Description
/glow opens menu
/glow toggle toggles glow
/glow colorname sets glow color


Node Options
AllowFriendlyFire true/false
Collision Always/Never/PushOtherTeams/PushOwnTeam
SeeFriendlyInvisible true/false




Permission Description
glow.toggle Toggle effect on or off Gives access to the menu
glow.color Allows changing colors Allows usage of Black outline
glow.color.darkblue Allows usage Dark Blue outline
glow.color.darkgreen Allows usage of Dark Green outline
glow.color.darkaqua Allows usage of Dark Aqua outline
glow.color.darkred Allows usage of Dark Red outline
glow.color.darkpurple Allows usage of Dark Purple outline Allows usage of Gold outline
glow.color.gray Allows uasge of Gray outline
glow.color.darkgray Allows usage of Dark Gray outline Allows usage of Blue outline Allows usage of Green outline
glow.color.aqua Allows usage of Aqua outline Allows usage of Red outline
glow.color.lightpurple Allows usage of Light Purple outline
glow.color.yellow Allows usage of Yellow outline
glow.color.white Allows usage of White outline

Known Bugs

Currently not compatible with any plugin that makes use of scoreboards, this is a Minecraft Limitation.

Glow effect seems to flicker on and off in certain cases due to a vanilla Minecraft bug.

Known Bugs with Mods

The glow effect will not work while wearing a Draconic Helmet.


I think you may have accidentally edited the OP. You’re only supposed to edit the Ore page, since right now, there’s no link to the Ore page.

Fixed, thanks for noticing.

The glow doesn’t seem to be stable. I mean, it keeps flickering on and off very fast like a broken bulb. Perhaps it’s just my test server’s ticks or something?

That is pretty weird, it seems to work for me.

Edit: Tested this on both SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge, it seems to happen on SpongeVanilla but not SpongeForge.

Hmm it stopped happening after a while. I wish I had recorded it back when it was happening so you could see what’s up with it but it’s fine. I also notice your name on the tab list changes to the glow color as well. Is that supposed to happen?

color changing on tab list is intentional :slight_smile:

There’s the GIF.

Pretty weird, not sure what causes that, i’ll try looking into fixing it.

There is a Conflict with EasyScoreboard, Unable to change colors only White works.

@MageFX i will look into fixing this in a future update

Awesome plugin!!!
Can you please add a message such as “Glow toggled” or “You are now glowing green!” when you click an option?

Good idea, Messages like this should be added in the next update. (please note that size and text is not final.)

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A new version has been released for Player Glow, it is available for download here.

Added messages to indicate glow toggling and color switching
Made chat gui prettier
Updated Sponge Api 5.1.0 -> 6.0.0

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Are you ever going to make it so that turning off glow doesn’t clear your potion effects?

Edit: Merged pull request from pie_flavor (fixes toggle removing effects)

I was bored

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A new version has been released for Player Glow, it is available for download here.

  • Colors are now saved over restart.
  • Toggle no longer removes all effects (Thanks (pie_flavor)

A new version has been released for Player Glow, it is available for download here.

  • Plugin now reads Json data like it should.
  • Fixed bug where the glow effect would wear off after 84 minutes.
  • Glow effect is now enabled when a color is selected.

Using vanilla commands, but player glow would have made this a ton easier.