Player moved too quickly?

I haven’t played in a while. I tried to make a pixelmon server for me and my friends to play on but if we move too fast then it says something like “Coakie has moved too quickly” and moves us back in place. Is this a sponge thing or a regular minecraft thing, and how do I disable it?

Not positive but I think it’s a Forge thing. I think setting allow-flight to true in will fix it…

It’s a regular minecraft thing (I have the same problem sometimes in vanilla mc) and I think allow-flight should not change any thing. Sometimes a bad management of players’s positions, movements or teleportations by a mod (or a plugin) can increase the frequency of this error.

Edit: Maybe Sponge can add an option to disable movements verifications and this error.


That sucks. I did try to allow flight but it didn’t work. Thanks for your help!