Player Reach is severely limited


Hello, there!

I’m running a server with mods; version 1.12.2 on SpongeForge.
Somewhere along the line, the Player Reach was cut to a fraction.
Players can’t use items beyond the block place radius of about 3-4 blocks in any direction. Items like the Bow and Arrow, throwing potions and the ElectroBlob’s Wizardry Mod are all useless without that added ability and I’m not sure how we lost it. It seems to be working on single player with all the mods, where Sponge and the plugins aren’t there.

The plugins we’re using are:


I’ve scanned through the configs of each and didn’t find anything that would restrict reach or block place distance, so I’ve settled on my resolve to come on here and get help from someone who knows what they’re doing or at the very least, could help shed some light on this.

You can message me here or if you’d like, reach out to me on Discord [Grimm#2344] which might be faster.

Thanks again for your time!


It sounds like the same problem as this: Minecart halt 15 blocks away from player


(Thanks for replying; you’re the only one who did across three forums)
So, Here’s the theory on that:

I looked that over yesterday, and I’m still unsure of what that meant: “Activation Range”.
I was told it was more along the lines of the action of coming up on a sign, etc. and how close you have to be in order to read the text, instead of anything to do with weapons activation and what the game distinguishes as a target, etc.

That person might’ve been full of it, though, so are they actually the same thing? … Do you know about anything along those lines that could be hiding out in the config somewhere?


Honestly I’m not sure if it is the same thing, and I didn’t read all the replies to that post, I figured you could just change the config and find out if it made any difference. You could also try resetting all your configs (after making backups of course) to make sure it’s not a bug and something you changed.

~ Alice


The activation range attempts to improve performance by disabling entities more than a certain distance from the player. This is a separate issue, as the only entity involved is the player.