Playtime Plugin?

Anyone know a plugin where you can set players playtime

Like /setplayertime [Username] 2h
something like this? In Spigot there is a plugin named simple playertime?

thanks for your replies…

Take a look at ActiveTime, which manages a multitude of playertime actions. If there’s something else you’re looking for, you can always add a suggestion to the thread or create an issue on GitHub.

As for your direct question, I believe you’re referring to the Minutes Played Statistic. These are stored in a stats folder within your world and can be easily edited if need be.

As this is a rather specific and bizarre feature, might I ask what the usage of this is?

I have a FTB Infinity Lite server… And we want to play only 2 hours a day that no one have all in-game

Simon_Flash is it possible in your plugin to set 2 hours to play a day?

Ah, I see. You’re looking to restrict the amount of time a player is allowed on the server each day. ActiveTime does not do this, but you’re more than welcome to create a GitHub issue and I’ll look into it for the next update.