Plugins Help

I am in the process of setting up my 1st 1.10.2/Sponge Server.

I have it up and going and even added a few plugins. However, I am so lost on configuring them. I realize that they all vary to a point based on the author.

However, I am used to a *.yml file and able to easily update that file including adding to a database to streamline across all severs to avoid having to set each server up and use a template.

So I will use a real example to maybe help in understanding what I need to do.

PermissionEx for example. I have read thought the documents but still very confused on how to really use it.

Is everything completed through the client and/or command console? Is there a way to make a permissions template and use as needed?

PEX’s config is in JSON. YAML is in fact a superset of JSON; if you understand one, you’ll understand the other. PEX is completely configurable both through commands and through manual config editing. In fact it’ll import your old Bukkit YAML file.

Nearly every Sponge plugin uses HOCON for configuration, which can be read up on here. All configuration files are located in config/, and HOCON files have the file extension .conf.

Thanks for reply I will look into importing my YAML File “fingers crossed”

Thanks :smile: