Plugins needed for Sponge

hey guys, I’ve been looking forward to this new server that supports plugins and mods. I’ve been using spigot for a while now and it was really disappointing that i couldnt use mods on it. I do have some plugins i need remade for sponge if anyone will be kind enough to do it.

  • AreaGuard
  • AreaShop
  • ChairStairs
  • ChestShop
  • Essentials
  • GriefPrevention
  • RevampedChestProtection
  • SimpleClans
  • Vault

Now dont get me wrong, Im not asking you to do all of them at once. however if multiple people can do one of these plugins each, then that would be a lot of help. So plz plz PLZ do this for me!

You will need to discuss this with the original authors of these plugins. I will also refer you to this post

This also may be of interest

On a related note, Sponge is still in development and has not fully matured yet. Most of the plugins you listed, if they were ported, would not function ATM due to an incomplete Sponge implementation. This being said, it is not recommended to use Sponge in a production environment as of yet.

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Also, Vault as an economy API will not be used. Sponge is planning its own centralized economy api.

Author of AreaShop here, I’m following the development of Sponge and interested in porting AreaShop to it sometime in the future. Currently I’m waiting on a couple of things to complete:

  1. WorldGuard and WorldEdit for Sponge: AreaShop fully relies on WorldGuard, without it it cannot exist (WorldGuard is being worked on, but requires some additions to the Sponge API/implementation), WorldEdit is required for WorldGuard and for the restore functionality of AreaShop.
  2. Some sort of centralized economy API, in Sponge there is support for services and I think there are a couple of implementations starting to make this so this should be solved sooner or later.
  3. Implementation of all events: Required to make a bunch of things in AreaShop work, probably also one of the reasons WorldGuard is not ready yet.

Meanwhile I will simply continue adding things to AreaShop and improve the current codebase, which should not be a much of a problem when the port to Sponge is started.

If you have any questions/suggestions just let me know.

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when will the neccessary stuff needed be complete?

As far as I know, there are no ETA’s. This project is a community effort, and done on spare time. Not to sound like an ass but it’ll get done when it gets done. Keep an eye on the Announcement category of the forums. Dev’s post threads and videos when significant changes have been made. You can also check out there GitHub page for change-log’s with the most up to date information about the progress of Sponge.

  • Currently you can use Worldedit for Forge with SpongeForge.
  • an official economyAPI is in the works, check github issues to find it

And last but not least:
Its good to see new devs porting their Plugins to Sponge. Keep it up!


Bit of a necro here but … any intent still to bring this over?
Saw your post on the Spigot page for AS, but there wasn’t an explicit answer there, just an implication that you wouldn’t. Did seem that a push for a Sponge release may sway you though :slight_smile:

As now also pointed out on Spigot, I have the intent to bring AreaShop to Sponge at some point, but currently I do not have the time to start this project yet. I created an issue to track the interest in AreaShop on Sponge and listed some details about how to move forward there.

If people are interested, please comment or +1 the issue.

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