Plugins to be ported request

I would like to have these plugins ported


If you open it with notepad++ you can double click on the link to open it, it will save time instead of copy paste.

These are must have plugins for a great server.

There’s a list somewhere around. Just search the forums…

btw: no, i wont dl anything you link here… y u no pastebin?

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I could, but it would be a hell of a copy paste job from pastebin to your browser. You could download the .txt file and open it in notepad++.

But here is the pastebin link:

I literally searched for “port” at the top left

Chances are, the plugins you’ve requested are already on the list. If not, request it there.


To be fair, they already posted there and they were told to make a post. @simon816 That thread is for developers to state they are planning on porting, not requests.

For those who are too lazy to look/read that thread, here is the conversation:

There is nothing wrong with this thread, other than some of the plugins they are requesting are already listed on the thread mentioned above. To which the response was:

EDIT: @FPSUsername you should edit your original post to include the pastebin link. Not many people will want to download it :stuck_out_tongue:


A site like zippyshare makes me only want to download its contents on a Linux VM, then if I feel safe with it, MAYBE do it on Windows after five MalwareBytes scans. Too sketch for me.


wih pastebin, you scroll to the bottom (END key), click on the original text, and ctrl+A, ctrl+C, and you’re done. dl’ing is scary on the interwebz.


Or you can click the copy to clipboard on pastebin or you can download the file from pastebin

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Nobody will download something from a new user, actually I never download anything from any forms, ever. Always save yourself the trouble and screen shot or pastebin…


I Agree

Darn min character requirement

If you hit the limit you can use:

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And replace the () with < and > to hide it.