Plugins to be ported!

I’d definitely love to see CoreProtect ported over - with MySQL improvements, it is buggy when transferring server.


I will be porting:
Marriage Reloaded
and maybe TrainCarts

also if you are going to port multiverse, dont forget multiverse-inventories!
other plugins:

  • permissionsfinder
  • realisticTNT
  • Signtools
  • Mycommand
  • Plugintweaks
  • invclear (with /clearall you clear everything(also armor), with /clear only inv(not armor))
  • antipvpgamemode
  • and maybe empire wand ?

Nicky and Fe Economy will be ported.

You should actually think about reworking the whole list since Pore is going to support most of the listed Bukkit plugins anyways (unless they’re using NMS code).

Pore is unlikely to ever get off the drawing board. ShaRose has expressed his opinion recently that a loader for Bukkit plugins won’t be legal to distribute. This disappoints me as much as anyone, but that’s the way it rolls. :frowning:

Here’s the blurb from IRC:

<ShaRose> welp, after looking it over I'm entirely convinced there is no legal way to make a legal loader for bukkit plugins
<Hubok> Didn't someone mention loading different .jar files doesn't violate the GPL? Or is it a problem with getting the code to LOAD the Bukkit plugins since it would need to be from Bukkit itself?
<ShaRose> as per fsf's page:
<ShaRose> If the program dynamically links plug-ins, and they make function calls to each other and share data structures, we believe they form a single program, which must be treated as an extension of both the main program and the plug-ins. This means that combination of the GPL-covered plug-in with the non-free main program would violate the GPL. However, you can resolve that legal problem by adding an exception to your plug-in's license, giving permission to link
<ShaRose> it with the non-free main program.
<ShaRose> if you add said exception, it's also illegal since you can't add restrictions so bukkit's gpl would be broken
<Hubok> So, every plugin developer would need to update their plugin with that exception?
<Hubok> Ah
<Unh0ly_Tigg> I would (at class load time), use ASM to modify the plugin code to call your system instead of the bukkit system...
<ShaRose> it'd be a modification, still illegal
<Unh0ly_Tigg> but the only reference to bukkit-specific code would be the class/method names in the transformers
<ShaRose> the only way to do it is to get every single plugin developer and bukkit with all of it's constributors to add that exception
<ShaRose> but if they DID, craftbukkit would be legal again
<ShaRose> and the whole thing would be moot
<ShaRose> still linked

<ShaRose> tl;dr for the previous conversation "hey pore's illegal here's how" "wow that sucks" "yeah gpl is cancer" *brofists all around*

Also port Walls

Most of the plugins I need for my server have already been mentioned accept warps.

Warps is essential for getting around on large servers.

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There is no plugin named “Warps”. If you mean the one in Essentials then that will be in that plugin.

I can agree vault should be given by default.

You have warps from a few plugins i know off: Essentials, Commandbook and if you mean serverjumping warps you have bungeewarp (or something)

I will be porting my plugin CPU into the sponge reincarnation called SIP

I would also like to suggest the porting of “ImageOnMap”

I don’t believe there’s an issue here.Because Pore is available under an MIT license (which is GPL-compatible), there’s no issue unless the plugin is released under a non-free license such as All Rights Reserved. I’m unsure of who carries the legal blame in that scenario, but I don’t think that there’s an issue with Pore since it serves as the main program, not Sponge.

All-in-all, it’s a big legal gray area, though, so I may very well be wrong. GPL is odd in that it’s incredibly specific yet also somewhat ambiguous.

Also, I intend to port my plugins GoldBank, MGLib, and TTT.

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I plan to port my plugins (Tent, PortableLight, MovementFx, ServerUpdater (maybe not), DetailedServerInfo (maybe not), Toaster). I hope the lighting system on sponge is better than on bukkit api, I had issues with serveral light bugs in PortableLight :smiley:.

I am going to port my plugins InstaTnT and Derp.

I plan to port StickyLocks and StickyProtection, and probably ArenaControl.
I’ll also look at porting AlphaChests, unless somebody beats me to it.

A source-only version is fine, since the GPL itself only has language covering the distribution of software, and you don’t have to distribute Bukkit with it. If server operators want to build Pore, they can do so.

Admittedly, this isn’t a mass-market solution.

I’ll actually be porting my Tokens plugin once the API is stable, almost 1000 downloads on bukkit so I think it would be great to port to here

I will be porting bPermissions ( and bChatManager (