Plugins to be ported!

Thnx you! have a few people on the server wanting me to add it, much appriciated!

well authme is an essential for me. It would be good if it will be ported

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I will contact dev and i will ask him if he want to continue his proiect, or if he want to work together on it :blush:

Missing UlimateCore (Post 69)

I will take care of it :smiley:

@Lemonous Can you add UltimateCore to the list?

Does that include VoxelGunsmith? I couldn’t find a license on the Git repo. I must admit I’m not very seasoned at navigating it .-.

EDIT: Never mind, I found it :slight_smile:

EDIT2: @Bammerbom: Done!

All plugins up to this post should now be on the list!

dynmap-factions is no longer required, in the most recent build of Factions they’ve included dynmap support themselves. :slight_smile:

There will be a bukkit compatibility layer in the works, called spore, but nothing really would beat actually porting the plugin to a native mod instead of just running it through a compatibility layer.

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I’m going to port all of our adventuria plugins which were released on bukkitdev:
SinkPlugins and SinkScripts

(Also going to port my plugins, which hasn’t been released on bukkitdev)

I don’t have popular plugins. But if needed I see that the Coreprotect and Logblock didn’t responded yet. I would make a plugin that looks like these, only I would prefer to store it in the map itself using NBT. Idk if sponge will support NBT but I suppose it will :smile:

I will be porting EasyKits and Better Backpacks to say the least.

If Votifier isn’t claimed by anyone else I will be porting that one over as well as part of the Enjin project.

I will look into porting Paintball War Edition once Sponge is in a more complete stage.

Just to clarify, VoxelGunsmith is the API behind VoxelSniper. It’s a bad wordplay, “Smithing your guns, so you can play with your sniper.” VG itself will not be a plugin :wink:

Oh, alright :slight_smile:

I understood the wordplay, I just thought it would be a plugin for some reason. Ah well, I’ll correct the spread!

I’m the developer of a tiny plugin called EarthTime. I plan on porting it over to SponeAPI for anyone who wants to use it.

Hello, i just wanted to share this link where buycraft themself is saying they are gonna support updating buycraft to the spongeapi! !;D

Hey, I’m going to port (and update) my plugins EnchantPlus, SimpleAlias, ItemSlotMachine, Pixelator, UltimateRockets and PaintWar when the Sponge API is at a more advanced state and provides all the elements needed in these plugin.

PKBukkit is one plugin I’m ready to port, along with a couple other private custom server plugins.

Spreadsheet updated until this point. I’m heading off to sleep now :slight_smile:

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