Poll: Are you a developer?

I’m just interested to know, as this is an API not an implementation

I’m guessing most of them, because since Sponge server isn’t out yet, but Sponge API and Server are in development it gives developers another reason to come here and discuss the development… But I may not be correct.

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I am :smile:

Maybe you should make this a poll e.g
[x] Developer
[x] Not developer

I am. I second the poll idea.

I am. I third the poll.

I could develop, I am proficient in java, but I never did more than poking around with bukkit. I would like to do more than that with sponge when it comes out in order to make some use of my java ability.

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Could do this instead.

I am a developer. Head on over to “What programming languages do you know?” and post what you know!

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