What programming languages do you know?

Hello everyone! I’ve been on these forums for a matter of minutes, and thought of an interesting question to ask the community!

What programming languages do you know?

My list (in order I thought of them):
-TI Basic

Put your languages down below!

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In order of preference (and experience, inadvertantly):

  • Java
  • bash
  • Lua
  • JavaScript + HTML/CSS
  • PHP
  • Groovy
  • Python
  • C#
  • C++/C

Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Batch, Bash, tiny bit of Ruby, C++ and Python.

Only Java (Started learning it for Minecraft/Bukkit) :frowning:

So far I got…

Java, C++, HTML, Python, BASIC

I am going to be learning C#, Assembly soon

Then branch out and start learning some new languages! If you want to get in web development, I’d suggest HTML & CSS. If you want to do normal programming, C++ is the way to go!

Ordered in expierience:
Java, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Batch, Lua, C++

All of my friends say Assembly is the hardest language, I haven’t tried it though.

Java and Pascal… but I normally skip the second part so as far as anyone is aware I only know Java

Is Batch like the “cool language” now? I’ve never tired it. :3

  • Java
  • C#
  • C++
  • Batch
  • HTML
  • CSS

I know them all at varying levels, but I know Java the best.

If you want to get anywhere in programming, businesses and companies love someone who is diverse in languages. :wink:

I code in England language.

  • 80% of 12 year old Developers on internet
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Since you know HTML & CSS, I’d suggest looking at Javascript, it is great!

Batch is the dumb language; it’s basically Windoge shell scripts.
A groundbreaking step backward in technology, as if you’re running DOS again.

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lol, never seen that before. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did a practical training as SysAdmin at a local company. The used windows for all of the server so I got into batch a little bit

I know Basic and some Visual Basic, but I really want to get into Java.

I absolutely hate web development, so I don’t think I’ll be learning it anytime soon.

Java is a great language! It’s very formal compared to other languages though!