Poll: Testing out polls

Intro text

  • Yes polls are working
  • Nope

Body text

  • Option A
  • Option B

0 voters

Test 2

  • Test 2 Working
  • Test 2 not working

Ending text


Seams to be working my friend, 2 votes so far, mine and yours perhaps? Do results auto update like the rest of the forum?

3 votes :slight_smile: (so far)

not sure, The option A and option B also should be a poll

Yes they do, 3 votes

Can you post the bb/html code in sterilized form so we can see it. to sterilize put "" in front of control characters (in case you didn’t know)

This is what i did but i changed the first option after the bottom list wasn’t working

So the pole must need to be the first list in the post. Or maybe the list cannot be indented.

im not too sure myself :confused: it shouldn’t be indented sorry. Made a mistake while copying the quote haha.

Original Thread where Riking made his post

One can change their vote and it updates the results, that is strange, could be bad for some voting situations.


Super duper cool guys. Thanks for testing.

The [poll] and [/poll] is not working to make it the second list.

If the poll is closed (do this by changing the title to start with Closed Poll:) then votes can no longer be changed.

Would you know why the poll brackets do not work?

The poll is working fine

@jacklin213, the style is fixed for polls, will update the forum theme very soon.

…and there doesn’t appear to be any text under the Ending text…?

PS: @riking/ @DarkArcana, what are all the groups of forum users? I’ve noticed I’ve missed a few highlights on the important ones. (support/mod/etc)

Leader, Developer, Moderator, Staff, WebDev, Member.

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What confuses me is that there is a .group-support (which you’re in) that also has the shield. ._.

Inspect element, span.username.staff.admin.moderator.support

That shows the groups that a person is in. Then .group-support would add the support tag I have.

gotcha. This makes things a bit easier for the night theme. thanks! :D

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