Porting over a Spigot Plugin?


I couldn’t find much about this topic but basically there is a plugin on Spigot that is just to good to lose, in my opinion, when going to Sponge.

I asked the author of the plugin but sadly he has no time and no knowledge of Sponge to port it over. He did give permissions for someone else to port it over.


I have no idea if it’s hard or difficult or time consuming but if anyone has nothing to do or finds it fun you have no idea how much of a help you will be if you get this running on Sponge. It will spare me a lot of juggling between Spigot and Sponge just to use one plugin.

This is too deeply integrated into Bukkit to do a direct port IMO, but it could be rewritten for Sponge. I might have a crack at it.

Thanks for trying, if it’s too difficult or time consuming atleast I’ll know why now.
If you do get it running you’ll be my hero ^^

Sorry for taking so long lol