Post your desktop wallpaper!

Aristotle once said that a man can be judged 89% based off of his character, and 11% off of the walls of his house. Let’s modernize that!

Post your desktop wallpapers :smiley:

(or hyperlink to them, don’t want to be uploading copyrighted materials).

Here’s mine:

After 5pm:

After 5am:

Those are really cool. The first one looks like it’s getting darker (stating the obvious, I know), I probably would never focus due to staring into it if that was my background.

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That’s why it’s nighttime. helps me fall asleep, specially since I never turn off the screen. :)


My lock screen background (nobody is tempted to touch my light up keyboard in coffee shops anymore)

And my desktop background:


Using this at work

I use a Dropbox folder containing 1949 images as my background folder on all of my computers. It switches every 30 mins, but this is my current one:

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Could You share that with me?

Certainly! Be aware, though, not everything in it is entirely SFW.

I don’t know if you can open the folder named “zips” but in there are the source zips. The NSFW one is separate from the others there :slight_smile:

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I would post my desktop wallpaper, but I haven’t one, I use a solid colour (Windows classic blue [which is ironic considering I’m running LUbuntu]) and it has no icons on it because I use the quick start buttons on the task bar and the “Start” menu if one can call it that when running Linux, and I have that auto hiding, so when looking at my desktop with the mouse not near the bottom of the screen, it’s just a blue screen.

Post that :fish:
I enjoy colors.

What can I say? I love physics.

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Mine is just super blank:

I can proudly say that is my background. (Thanks @Lemonous!)

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That looks cool, do you know where I can find that in blue? xD

My current desktop:

How blue do you want it? I could Photoshop it for ya. Should be pretty easy.

Whatever looks best for it I guess