Premium/Paid Plugins

Hey there, I’m not entirely sure is this the right place to post it at but after my 15 seconds of examination I decided to post it here. Apologies in advance if that’s the wrong place.

So, I come here with a suggestion rather than a request.
Sure enough many of you here are aware that spigot offers paid plugins
They’re quite cheap if you ask me, but issue is that they’re intended for spigot only… and I don’t happen to be using it, same as great many others around the block.

In my personal opinion, based on no solid facts I am suggesting that premium plugins would be added to cauldron as well

The benefits I could see from it are:

  • Server owners want something delux but haven’t got coders? They buy
    premium plugin and have something many others don’t

  • Plugin developers are finally able to make enough cash for food,

  • As there’s a place where people can sell and buy premium stuff… it
    brings more traffic here Rather than bringing trafic to spigot or any
    other community

  • To top it off, you might as well add like 5% cut from plugin
    purchases, which allows you to pay your bills a bit easier (@sponge)


Uh, no. :frowning:
People who make paid plugins can host them anywhere but here. I really don’t want this to turn into that :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t see the downside in it?

Crappy paid plugins that nobody wants, thats the downside.
And plus, people will charge for stupid stuff that anyone could make in like, 2 seconds.

I’m extremely against premium plugins on Ore or even this forum. There’s services like ScriptFodder for a reason.


This has been discussed before, I’ll link the thread later, however paid plugins aren’t happening. people can donate to you for your plugin but no paid.
EDIT: Link to thread Paid Plugins


moved to Sponge discussion.


I don’t believe that a Premium section is something that Sponge will ever offer.


If it ever does I’d probably hunt down whoever followed out with the plan :stuck_out_tongue:

TL;DR of what @The_Doctors_Life posted:

You may sell Sponge plugins, but it cannot be on any site owned by SpongePowered.


Guess you meant sponge?

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Do not attempt to make a sale or sell anything on Sponge websites or
systems. This includes but is not limited to plugins (mods or any
variation of the term), art assets, services, or any work to be
provided. If it comes to our attention that a plugin hosted by Sponge is
being used as a promotion as a for-sale “lite” version, we reserve the
right to remove the plugin listing. What constitutes as a for-sale
“lite” version will be decided at the discretion of Sponge Staff.


We aim to comply entirely with the Mojang EULA, to that end any
plugins, services, posts and/or links suspected of violating the EULA
may be removed at the discretion of the Sponge Staff or at the request
of Mojang AB.



From the Minecraft EULA:

Any tools you write for the Game from scratch belong to you. . Modifications to the Game (“Mods”) (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and plugins for the Game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don‘t sell them for money / try to make money from them. We have the final say on what constitutes a tool/mod/plugin and what doesn‘t.

As such, we will not be allowing Paid/Premium Plugins/Mods on any Sponge Platform, as it directly violates the Minecraft EULA.

Developers may continue to earn money through donation services, but cannot create any exclusivity in who can access their Plugins/Mods. This is as doing so is effectively putting their software behind a paywall, which would violate the EULA.


I see, I was not aware that was in the eula, I do apologies for suggesting this idea.

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Suggestions (your suggestion too!) are always welcome :wink:

Worst that can happen is a simple “nope”, which, for me, is a better result than no result/answer at all.


So far I know donations are fine. Maybe a donation button?
I am also against paid plugins. Like you pay for something you haven’t been able to test.


All this time… md_5 has been violating the EULA (not that anyone really follows it anyway) but I’m glad Sponge plugins won’t be premium. I hate how developers have to “sell their plugins,” yes it’s an easy way to make money and pay for all your hard work, and yes people are cheap-asses (like me) and don’t like to hit the “Donate” button; but still… most paid plugins are horrible.