Problem with Grief prevention

Hey guys…

i have tried to use grief prevention on 1.12.2 but…
in the world folder is ONLY an empty global.config, nothing more.
an now command from this plugin works ingame.
i have luck perms and a have the * permission.

Grief prevention only works on the earlier 1.12 sponge (and even then a small number of them).

The developer now works on grief defender that has everything grief prevention has, only if you don’t want to compile the code yourself, you need to pay for

Also don’t use the * permission as it can come with some nasty side effects, it’s recommended to only set the permissions you actually want

  1. i cant buy. i dont have the methods for that. private thing.
  2. i have try to compile a few other plugins like this…but…i dont can this. always it doesnt work for me :slight_smile:

If you have compiled others, then compiling grief defender shouldnt be hard.

I actually wrote up a post on how to do it for someone else recently

no you dont understand. i have onlye TRY to compile others, but no try works for me.

Oh so you haven’t compiled before. Just tried. If you ever do want to have another go, the instructions I left tell you line by line what you need to type into a command line and also tell you the requirements before hand, so there is very little to go wrong with

Sadly, if you want grief defender then the only options are to compile it or pay for it.

You can go with one of the many alternatives such as foxguard, redprotect, zones, etc

an other thing…

i search an good sponge scoreboard
i have tried easy scoreboard but…not soooo good.
the useable line length is to small… and…not right? i mean: “number=4, text=&b%rank_prefix%”
this is ONE full line… and the prefix is &f[&7Spieler&f]
error: line to long error (max 38)…but…other lines much longer.

also…i need an other good scoreboard.

I know this was once true, not sure if it still is after MC changed how chat messages are sent. But the length of the message also includes any and all formatting, so if you change the colour every character and/or have some underlined, bold, etc then all that will account for the character length.

It used to be 2 characters per format change, whereby colour and style are different so 4 if you do both

that cant be…

“number=-1, text=&”,
“number=10, text=&dWillkommen ;&a%player_displayname%”,
“number=9, text=-----------------”,
“number=8, text=&aPokedollar: ;&b%economy_balance% %economy_symbol%”,
“number=7, text=&aRang: ;%rank_prefix%”

you see: the most other lines very longer. but only the last line doesnt work

and: i search a sponge plugin for user rankup. but…rankup and rankupper isnt this what i want. i want no AUTO rankup. the user must use a command and BUY the rankup (with ingame money) with this command. anyone know any plugin for this?

Might have better luck with a new post. Most people will read this title and not think “this is to suggest a ranking plugin”