Project Cryogen - Looking for Artists, Builders and Developers

Hello all, I’m Octo.

You may know me from forum lurking, random comments on IRC, or from the unofficial sponge server. I enjoy creating, whether it be block by block or word by word.

For a while I’ve been creating a RP map with a group of friends. With the builders that were helping out and the story creators working with me, the finished product would be one to rival WynnCraft. …Except not everything goes as planned. Because of the fall of Bukkit and the MS buyout, many of the friends and acquaintances gave up on Minecraft and Mojang, declaring it a dead art. This took the group down from 19 to 2 ( @SHADOWeyes and @octoshrimpy). Real life took a hold from then, and not much progress had been made. Then an idea struck me:

  • There are plenty of people who want to do something minecraft/sponge-related, but do not know where to start, or what to do.

Which brought me here:

Calling all like-minded builders, of any age, of any style, any person who has had a great RPG idea, whether great or small, and anyone who is willing to put in any bit of input into the project.

This project has become a mix of an old plugin idea and a book I am currently writing. (three books, technically, but all happen at the same time. Timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly stuff)

Because it’s still under design, I cannot say more than:
Time-travelling RPG with multi-angle quests, a crazy storyline, bad guys, good guys, all played by a small team of players, specially designed for youtubers.
Things needed:

  • Custom plugin
  • Terrained map (that looks good from player’s perspective)
  • Many building ranges and styles
  • from Egyptian to Retro-punk to modern post-apocalyptic
  • Curated quest system to handle a variety of playing styles and group sizes
  • Idea Generators:
  • people who come up with crazy, off-the-wall ideas and come up with how it’s possible

This is being developed for sponge, and (hopefully) will later be ported to bukkit.

If any of this has tickled your fancy, or created a spark (whether curiosity or creativity), and you’re willing to help out, please let me know below (what you’d like to help with), as we need any help we can get.

-- Thank you in advance, Octo <3

Well I do like Timey-Wimey stuff


Ironically I was talking about ideas of an RPG server with my friends about a week ago lol, not sure if I will be able to help out with this though, as I have a tight schedule right now, I will consider this for later though!

Any idea you’d like to see implemented, throw it my way! :)
(yes, even the crazy “hit me so I can jump further” will be implemented)

I might be able to help with the plugin a little bit here and there.

I can help with any custom plugin coding you might need as well.


I could help with building

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I know how to use Terrain Control, Voxel Sniper and World Edit pretty well, and have a great love of WGen plugins in general. If I can help you with a custom map, let me know (if any/all the above become available for Sponge/1.8).


I’ve worked on a RPG server I did with some friends before. Although, it had mods too. If you need to make a large map of custom terrain, you can use World Painter for the basic shape of it all and use World Edit or something for the small details. I may be interested in helping out if my schedule permits me. :smile:

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Just posting to let anyone interested to know that if you need either me or Octo feel free to message us on here, I’m in the UK while Octo is US so if one doesn’t reply just message the other well be sure to get back to you ASAP! :smile:

Message me when you can and ill get you up to speed on the project thus far :smile:

I’d be interested in helping build.

I’m very interested in helping. I set up a server such as this before the bukkit fall but it never took off due to money restraints.

I could help with the plugin here and there, but my time is limited sadly. I worked on a RPG project a year ago or so, but had to stop due to not enough time, so I’m definitely interested in making a finished RPG plugin.

Anyone who is Interested In Either Plugins or Building (we have a server in which you can start building assets on already set up) should Email Me @ [email protected] (i know a terrible email name,yes :wink: )
Thanks again all for all the enthusiasm, its great to see like minded people who we can share our dream/project/thing with!


If your also interested in helping out please email me @ [email protected]
There are many things that need doing and creating :smile: ill fill you in via PM or email if you are indeed still offering your help.


If you are an avid builder please send me a PM to get the details to our server where you can show us what you can do, and hopfully aid us in the projects many buildings! :smile:


Setting up server with any building tool that would be needed:

  • VoxelSniper
  • WorldEdit
  • MetaData Cycler

If there are other tools out there, let me know. :)

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Hi, @octoshrimpy! Only a couple of days ago, me and my current group of server designers started on an RPG server with such high hopes. That hope has still stayed with us to this moment, and believe it or not, also wants to be a rival with Wynn-Craft. So Ironic. Back to the point, I am currently trying to learn to code my own custom plugins etc, but was shot down when Bukkit closed. Then I found this API, its a gift from the Gods.

Because your project is so similar to mine, although I’m may not be able to help becuase of my various servers, I would love to see how it grows for you! Keep me updated!


How about:

  • Diagonal Blocks
  • Holographic Displays (Has an add on for cool server side chat bubbles)
  • Terrain Control