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You could add static water on your portal, it will more look like a portal.

I want to do something like that. I couldn’t get the water to not spread so I pushed it aside for now.

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I would replace the names “DIM-1” etc. with “Nether” and “End”.

If people want to rename those worlds they can use Project Worlds

We are having some issues with the plugin. It seems that the pressure plate ones are not working, and we can’t get permissions to the button or cube portals. The sign portals work, but only for the admin who created them, not for any other players (maybe this is an intended feature?). We are on the latest Sponge builds and it may just need some updated, but I thought I would let you know. The commands for the pressure plate ones seem to work, and it acts like its been created. However, when stepped on, it does not work.

Buttons and pressure plates are broken in latest build. For some reason it’s throwing an error when I check if block is powered. It worked previously so idk if something changed in the API. I’m working on it. As far as permissions go, I tested most permissions before I released this build and everything seemed to be working for me. I do need to simplify the permissions.

Fixed buttons and portals, made some small changed to permissions so please review.

@TrenTech Hi! Just a bug that I encountouring now, and not before. When I set a portal, the water is not just inside it. And make a flow when she ahs contact with the floor. Is that normal, or is it a bug ? ^^

Are you running the latest version, because I was sure I disabled water fill temporarily for that very reason.

I think. I’ll check :slightly_smiling:

Not a big deal, yes it is a bug, you’ll have to disable it in the config until I figure out what changed and fix it

Ho! I don’t see you released a version 7 hours ago !! I’ll install it now! thanks :slight_smile:

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I haven’t slept :unamused:


Quick preview of latest pre-release


Great I expect the new version with good work forward.

A version will be available soon?. :blush:

^ have a look here :wink:

EDIT: nvm, i’m beeing stupid. I thought this is the PJW thread not PJP :stuck_out_tongue:

^ PJP link.

Hi @TrenTech! I would to know if it’s possible to create a portal sign (or a warp), to teleport the players who click on it at random coords ?


Thank you very much