Project world

Hello I am French, I would like to have how to make a secondary map with biome o ’ plenty with the plugin project world thank you:D Project Worlds - World Manager

La doc de project world est quasi inexistante malgré que Trentech fasse de très bons plugins.
Si tu utilises Nucleus, jette un oeil sur le module “monde” :

Et tu devrais t’en sortir avec la commande `/world create -g BOP nomDuMonde

PJW lacks a good documentation thus Trentech is a really good developer. Have a look at the world module of nucleus.

Sorry, One of these will explain almost everything.

/helpme world create
/hm world create
/pjc world create

In game, use cursor to hover over arguments for details.

EDIT: If none of these work, you’re running an old version.

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