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opppps, Is it a multi-worlds plugin?

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Yes you can create worlds but currently options are limited


Can we create flat world?.
Can we create a world sole upload it to the server and import it later?.
Can we create portal with different materials?.

Yes you can create flat world by /world create exampleworld OVERWORLD FLAT
Importing worlds is a planned feature.
Portal material can be changed in the config.

I know as of now command information is a bit vague. I will add more details when I get the chance.

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It would be nice if we could create the gate manually with four corner in the materials that we want and using a tool that we can select two corner to create our portal as do multiverse made in .

And to create a so-called flat world vout with this command following.
/ world create exampleworld Overworld FLAT

But how to create a flat world with 1x Grass | 50x Earth | 1x Bedrock

Posser lament of so many questions that I do a time search you can create personalized worlds.

Thank you in advance.

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If I get you correctly, you’d prefer the portal frame not be replaced on creation? I’ve added a config settings that has that option in next release.

Like I said in a previous comment world creation is very limited atm. I still need to figure out how modifiers work in Sponge. It will mature over time.

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I expect future versions ^^ with pleasure.

I actually like that idea. I’ll try to rephrase it:
If i create a portal and click on the two 2 corners to create it, then the portal will be made out of the material of the two clicked blocks. So if i click 2 dirt blocks, the portal will be made out of dirt etc.
Optional: Don’t replace the blocks at all to allow for fancy portals

Another suggestion:
allow for portal creation via cmd:
/portal create 1 1 1 2 2 1 would create a portal between XYZ 1 1 1 and XYZ 2 2 1.
Additional: /portal create 1 1 1 +2 +2 +0 would create a portal between 1 1 1 and 3 3 1.

However the interactive creation via clicking on blocks is awesome! :smile:

Oh I get it now. That’s a really good idea. I’ve already added the option to disable the block replacement on creation in the config, I will work start working on your idea.

I think I’ll also take a stab at your command idea as well. Seems pretty straight forward. Working off the current command scheme I’m thinking /world portal {destination} {x,y,z} {x,y,z}
Would you suggest assuming to place in the world player is standing in, or add a optional [world] at the end?

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If no [world] is provided i’d assume the world the player is currently in, but i’d keep it optional, not mandatory. This keeps the command short and (hopefully :smiley: ) the players happy.

Thats what I was thinking.


OK the final draft is /world portal {destination} {x,y,z} {x,y,z} {block} [world]. Pushing updates soon.


I have an idea for your plugins,

different gamerule between all worlds :slight_smile:

That is a planned feature.

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is this able to import worlds as well? My bukkit server had 9 worlds linked to it, had to put them in storage as forge/sponge doesnt support them yet.

I’m really excited to see how this comes along!

I’ll just quote him.

Not yet. Working on ot

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Darn, I was going to make a multi worlds plugin. I’m all for collaboration, and I wasn’t very far, so I guess I’ll call that off. However, I would like to suggest my name: HoleyLands.

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It is so usefull that i can set different world spawn for another players.

It will be better that have another protection support for world map like world guard :stuck_out_tongue: