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For all your teleportation needs. Project Portals features a variety of transportation options for your server such as portals, signs, buttons and pressure plates and more. Project Portals is modular. Any feature not being used can be completely disabled in the config, preventing wasted resources.


This plugin requires the ProjectCore library to function.


  • Frame portals - Any shape and block combination
  • Sign portals - Any text desired
  • Button portals
  • Pressure plate portals
  • Lever portals
  • Door portals
  • Homes
  • Warps
  • Custom frame portal particle effects
  • Economy Support
  • Bungee support

Development Builds

To get the latest builds of PJP or my other projects, check the link below. Fair warning, these builds may not always be stable

Download Here

In-Game Command Help:

Like all my plugins if you need information on what commands do, as part of ProjectCore, you can you the help command.

/helpme [rawCommand]

For example if you want to know how to use /portal create use the following:

/helpme portal create

/helpme will also list any subcommands if any exist. For example /helpme portal will list all subcommands for /portal

Command lists are clickable and the arguments can be hovered over for more details.


Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.



no api 6 support?

Agreed. Why is there no ProjectPortals for API6? Minecraft 1.11.2 is widely used, more than 1.12, I’m sure.

It appears API5 works just find for anyone using API6/MC1.11.2

There is little to no documentation here that explains how to use the commands and create portals etc.

I have a problem to create a gate…

Can you help me please ? :slight_smile:

A new version has been released for ProjectPortals, it is available for download here.

One stop shop for all things portal

What does “Bungee portal requires Spongee plugin dependency” mean?

I have a few issues:

The warp command doesn’t work. I made sure I have the permissions but I get “Unknown Command”

Also how excatly do you create bungee portals? Documentation on that etc would be very useful to have on the plugin page.

Additionally a server wide teleport would be neat!

well to create a portal you just do /portal create
Then it will ask u to build a portal frame
I just use some blocks to build a portal and do /portal save
Then the portal will be working

(Not the Bungee)

Where does it say that?

It’s setup to be modular, and most the extra’s are disabled by default. Check the config and verify that warp is enabled.

You mean like a tp command? I originally had one in early development but had many requests to remove it in favor of all the essential’s like plugins containing one.

Yes I mean a tp. But that works between servers too.

Ok. I must have missed that it’s disabled!

And again how exactly do I set up a portal that sends me to another bungee server?

if you type /portal create, it’ll list all the avaialble arguments for a command. In game if you hover over the arguments it’ll display a short description of what each do.

But to answer your question, the -b flag is what you are looking for.

/portal create <name> <server> -b

I have a feeling something might be broken though considering @CH_Wong’s post

Yeah, I tried that but it didn’t quite work. Also allowing a direct warp over the bungee to a specific world and position would be neat.

If I try the command you suggested I can see the communication in the console but the portal creation never starts.

Can you confirm that Bungee is working correctly across servers? (by running /server <server>) I know there is some sponge config settings that need to be changed if you’re running SpongeForge, related to ip forwarding. There was also some bungee plugin for Sponge as well but idk if that’s still needed to not. TBH it’s been a while since I’ve done any major bungee tests. But yeah do a search for bungee in the global.conf, there are two locations in the config that should be looked at.

It’s all set up properly. These two settings have been set, and I use Waterfall, which is a fork of Bungee that contains the fix.
Also a test plugin can send me to another server.

Alright. I’ll take a look sometime this week, when i get the chance.

Well I’ve done some testing, and I can’t get any SpongeForge servers to work. SpongeVanilla works just fine but SpongeForge Just throws connected/disconnected messages…I’m not sure what the deal is, everything is setup properly as far as I can tell. I need to do more testing…

EDIT: Started over I’m my home pc. Everything seems to be working fine.

What exactly is your issue? What “communication” are you seeing in the console? Just want to make sure we’re both on the same page.