ProjectPortals - One stop shop for all things portal

A new version has been released for ProjectPortals, it is available for download here.

One stop shop for all things portal

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Oh wow. I am actually dtupid facepalm

I forgot to add the plugin on the target server. Naturally it doesn’t work!

Right when I step inside a bungee portal

A new version has been released for ProjectPortals, it is available for download here.

One stop shop for all things portal

Erm is there a list of particles?

/helpme portal particle

Hover over the particle argument

Err, this plugins is not loading :confused:
When I type /portal create it throw an error somewhat the command doesn’t exist (like if type /fgeiuysgdf)
Any idea how I can fix it ?

Could you provide more logs in cas previous command doesn’t fix your problem ?

Yep, because it doesn’t work :confused:

Error occurred while executing command: org.spongepowered.api.service.pagination.PaginationList$Builder.sentTo(Lorg/spongepowered/api/text/channel/MessageReceiver;)Lorg/spongepowered/api/service/pagination/PaginationList;


I have a problem with portals

At first glance they are not erased, as you can see in the image

Another bug I have is that it ignores permissions. (It also happens in the pjw)

Permissions used: LuckPerms
Sponge: spongeforge-1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2922
Portals: projectportals-7.1.0-0.14.3.jar
World: projectworlds-7.1.0-0.12.2.jar
Core: projectcore-7.0.0-0.2.1.jar

@TrenTech would it be possible to use Project Portals to direct connect to other servers without the need of BungeeCord?

Hi, plugin ProjectPortals isn’t loading on my server, while ProjectWorld works pretty fine…
Any idea ?

Hmmm, I’m able to create portals just fine, and they work. But /portal remove doesn’t seem to do anything. Chat says it removes the portal I tell it to, but the portal itself still remains active and functional. The only way for me to actually remove/delete a portal is to delete the entire PJP database file…

I CAN work with that since I only need to create a couple portals. But it’s definitely a problem, and for servers that need dozens of portals, it is a huge issue.

This sounds like an old bug. What version are you running?

/warp create warp01 MyCreatedWorldWithPJW
–> Warp warp01 create

/warp list
–> no warp points

i didnt unterstand this Plugin.


I need more information. pastebin a full server log. Also are these the only plugins you are running?

The -p flag on /portal create throws an error “java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Double”. It’s not a major issue, I can use /portal price after I have created the portal.

PJP: 7.1.0-0.14.3
Sponge: 1.12.2-7.1.0-BETA-33

What value are you using for -p ?

I made a few tries before dropping the -p: 100, 100.00, 1 and 50

Good day, wanted to ask how I can allow normal players to go through the Protal?
Only admins are getting through there at the moment.